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 Years 1980 - 2024 

MIC: NTNU, Department of Engineering Cybernetics

2024-2-2: Trym A. Nygård, Nicholas Dalhaug, Rudolf Mester, Edmund Brekke and Annette Stahl, “Stereo Camera-based Free Space Estimation for Docking in Urban Waters”

2024-1-3: Finn Matras and Morten D. Pedersen, “On the Necessity of Dynamic Inflow”

2023-2-2: Øystein Kaarstad Helgesen, Emil H. Thyri, Edmund Brekke, Annette Stahl and Morten Breivik, “Experimental validation of camera-based maritime collision avoidance for autonomous urban passenger ferries”

2022-4-3: Stig Kvaal, Per Østby and Morten Breivik, “DP and the Art of Perfect Positioning”

2022-2-2: Emil H. Thyri and Morten Breivik, “Collision avoidance for ASVs through trajectory planning: MPC with COLREGs-compliant nonlinear constraints”

2022-1-1: Martinius Knudsen, Sverre Hendseth, Gunnar Tufte and Axel Sandvig, “Model-free Control of Partially Observable Underactuated Systems by pairing Reinforcement Learning with Delay Embeddings”

2021-4-5: Martinius Knudsen, Sverre Hendseth, Gunnar Tufte and Axel Sandvig, “Model-Free All-Source-All-Destination Learning as a Model for Biological Reactive Control”

2021-1-2: Robert Skulstad, Guoyuan Li, Thor I. Fossen, Tongtong Wang and Houxiang Zhang, “A Co-operative Hybrid Model For Ship Motion Prediction”

2020-4-3: Petter Solnør, “A Cryptographic Toolbox for Feedback Control Systems”

2020-2-1: Åse Neverlien, Signe Moe and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Compressor Surge Control Using Lyapunov Neural Networks”

2019-3-4: Bjørn-Olav H. Eriksen and Morten Breivik, “Short-term ASV Collision Avoidance with Static and Moving Obstacles”

2018-4-1: Sindre Fossen and Thor I. Fossen, “eXogenous Kalman Filter (XKF) for Visualization and Motion Prediction of Ships using Live Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data”

2018-1-2: Morten Hovd and Sorin Olaru, “Parameter-dependent PWQ Lyapunov function stability criteria for uncertain piecewise linear systems”

2017-1-3: Anders Albert, Frederik S. Leira and Lars Imsland, “UAV Path Planning using MILP with Experiments”

2017-1-1: Mathias Hauan Arbo, Trygve Utstumo, Edmund Brekke and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Unscented Multi-Point Smoother for Fusion of Delayed Displacement Measurements: Application to Agricultural Robots”

2016-3-4: Miodrag Spasic, Morten Hovd, Darko Mitic and Dragan Antic, “Tube Model Predictive Control with an Auxiliary Sliding Mode Controller”

2016-2-4: Anders Lyngvi Fougner, Konstanze Kölle, Nils Kristian Skjærvold, Nicolas-Andreas L. Elvemo, Dag Roar Hjelme, Reinold Ellingsen, Sven Magnus Carlsen and Øyvind Stavdahl, “Intraperitoneal Glucose Sensing is Sometimes Surprisingly Rapid”

2016-2-1: Esten I. Grøtli and Tor A. Johansen, “Motion- and Communication-Planning of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Delay Tolerant Network using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming”

2015-4-1: Mutaz Tuffaha and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Control-Oriented Model of a Generating Set Comprising a Diesel Engine and a Synchronous Generator”

2015-3-1: Jon Åge Stakvik, Michael R.P. Ragazzon, Arnfinn A. Eielsen and Jan T. Gravdahl, “On Implementation of the Preisach Model: Identification and Inversion for Hysteresis Compensation”

2014-4-5: Joakim Haugen and Lars Imsland, “Autonomous Aerial Ice Observation for Ice Defense”

2014-4-1: Roger Skjetne, Lars Imsland and Sveinung Løset, “The Arctic DP Research Project: Effective Stationkeeping in Ice”

2013-4-3: Anastasios M. Lekkas, Andreas Reason Dahl, Morten Breivik and Thor I. Fossen, “Continuous-Curvature Path Generation Using Fermat's Spiral”

2013-3-3: Johannes Møgster, John-Morten Godhavn and Lars Imsland, “Using MPC for Managed Pressure Drilling”

2011-4-1: Seyed M. Hosseini, Tor A. Johansen and Alireza Fatehi, “Comparison of Nonlinearity Measures based on Time Series Analysis for Nonlinearity Detection”

2011-3-3: Ulrik Jørgensen and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Observer Based Sliding Mode Attitude Control: Theoretical and Experimental Results”

2010-3-3: Lars Imsland, Pål Kittilsen and Tor S. Schei, “Model-Based Optimizing Control and Estimation Using Modelica Model”

2010-3-2: Jerome Jouffroy and Thor I. Fossen, “A Tutorial on Incremental Stability Analysis using Contraction Theory”

2010-2-1: Morten Hovd and Sorin Olaru, “Piecewise quadratic Lyapunov functions for stability verification of approximate explicit MPC”

2009-3-8: Morten Breivik, Geir Hovland and Pål J. From, “Trends in Research and Publication: Science 2.0 and Open Access”

2009-3-3: Tor A. Johansen and Morten Hovd, “The Department of Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU: From 1994 Into the Future”

2009-1-2: Dan Sui, Le Feng and Morten Hovd, “Robust Explicit Moving Horizon Control and Estimation: A Batch Polymerization Case Study”

2009-1-1: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “A Matlab Toolbox for Parametric Identification of Radiation-Force Models of Ships and Offshore Structures”

2008-4-3: Pål J. From and Jan T. Gravdahl, “On the Mobility and Fault Tolerance of Closed Chain Manipulators with Passive Joints”

2008-4-2: Morten Breivik, Vegard E. Hovstein and Thor I. Fossen, “Straight-Line Target Tracking for Unmanned Surface Vehicles”

2008-3-2: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “Joint Identification of Infinite-Frequency Added Mass and Fluid-Memory Models of Marine Structures”

2008-3-1: Pål J. From and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Iterative Solutions to the Inverse Geometric Problem for Manipulators with no Closed Form Solution”

2008-2-4: Johannes Tjønnås and Tor A. Johansen, “Optimizing Adaptive Control Allocation With Actuator Dynamics”

2008-2-3: Erik Kyrkjebø and Kristin Y. Pettersen, “Operational space synchronization of two robot manipulators through a virtual velocity estimate”

2008-2-2: Tu Duc Nguyen, “Observer Design for Second-Order Distributed Parameter Systems in R2”

2008-2-1: Pål J. From and Jan T. Gravdahl, “General Solutions to Functional and Kinematic Redundancy”

2008-1-3: Alexey Pavlov and Kristin Y. Pettersen, “A new perspective on stable inversion of non-minimum phase nonlinear systems”

2008-1-2: Pål Liljebäck, Øyvind Stavdahl and Kristin Y. Pettersen, “Modular Pneumatic Snake Robot: 3D Modelling, Implementation And Control”

2008-1-1: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “Time- vs. Frequency-domain Identification of Parametric Radiation Force Models for Marine Structures at Zero Speed”

2007-4-3: Øyvind Hegrenæs, Oddvar Hallingstad and Kenneth Gade, “Towards Model-Aided Navigation of Underwater Vehicles”

2007-4-2: Luca Pivano, Øyvind N. Smogeli, Tor A. Johansen and Thor I. Fossen, “Experimental Validation of a Marine Propeller Thrust Estimation Scheme”

2007-4-1: Christian Holden, Roberto Galeazzi, Claudio Rodríguez, Tristan Perez, Thor I. Fossen, Mogens Blanke, Marcelo de Almeida and Santos Neves, “Nonlinear Container Ship Model for the Study of Parametric Roll Resonance”

2007-3-3: Morten Hovd, “Improved Target Calculation for Model Predictive Control”

2007-3-2: Glenn-Ole Kaasa, Vidar Alstad, Jing Zhou and Ole M. Aamo, “Nonlinear Model-Based Control of Unstable Wells”

2007-3-1: Kari Unneland, Paul Van Dooren and Olav Egeland, “New Schemes for Positive Real Truncation”

2007-2-3: Rune Haugom, Ole K. Solbjørg, Kristin Y. Pettersen and Tor I. Eikaas, “A simulation game for nonlinear control theory education”

2007-2-2: Jan T. Gravdahl and Olav Egeland, “New Undergraduate Courses in Control”

2007-2-1: Bjarne A. Foss, Ole K. Solbjørg, Tor I. Eikaas and Frank Jakobsen, “Game play in vocational training and engineering education”

2007-1-1: Raymond Kristiansen, Esten I. Grøtli, Per J. Nicklasson and Jan T. Gravdahl, “A model of relative translation and rotation in leader-follower spacecraft formations”

2006-3-3: Svein Hovland and Jan T. Gravdahl, “Stabilizing a CFD model of an unstable system through model reduction”

2006-3-2: Steinar M. Elgsæter, “Modelling and control of growing slugs in horizontal multiphase pipe flows”

2006-3-1: Rambabu Kandepu, Lars Imsland, Christoph Stiller, Bjarne A. Foss and Vinay Kariwala, “Control-relevant modeling and simulation of a SOFC-GT hybrid system”

2006-1-4: Dagfinn Snarheim, Lars Imsland, Bjarne A. Foss, Ragnhild Ulfsnes and Olav Bolland, “Control design for Gas Turbine Cycle with CO2 Capture Capabilities”

2006-1-3: Johannes Tjønnås and Tor A. Johansen, “Optimizing nonlinear adaptive control allocation”

2006-1-2: Erlend Kristiansen, Åsmund Hjulstad and Olav Egeland, “State-space representation of radiation forces in time-domain vessel models”

2005-4-2: Raymond Kristiansen, Olav Egeland and Per J. Nicklasson, “A Comparative Study of Actuator Configurations for Satellite Attitude Control”

2005-4-1: Øyvind Stavdahl, Anne K. Bondhus, Kristin Y. Pettersen and Kjell E. Malvig, “Optimal Statistical Operations for 3-Dimensional Rotational Data: Geometric Interpretations and Application to Prosthesis Kinematics”

2005-3-4: Morten Hovd and Robert R. Bitmead, “Interaction between control and estimation in nonlinear MPC”

2005-3-1: Frode Martinsen and Dag Slagstad, “Application of seeding and automatic differentiation in a large scale ocean circulation model”

2005-2-1: Ole M. Aamo, G.O. Eikrem, H.B. Siahaan and Bjarne A. Foss, “Observer Design for Multiphase Flow in Vertical Pipes with Gas Lift - Theory and Experiments”

2005-1-1: Frode Martinsen, Lorentz T. Biegler and Bjarne A. Foss, “A new optimization algotithm with application to nonlinear MPC”

2004-3-2: Yilmaz Türkyilmaz and Olav Egeland, “Nonlinear Observer Design for a Nonlinear Cable/String FEM Model using Contraction Theory”

2004-3-1: Alexandra Grancharova and Tor A. Johansen, “Explicit Approaches to Constrained Model Predictive Control: A Survey”

2004-2-1: Morten Hovd and Richard D. Braatz, “Handling State and Output Constraints in MPC Using Time-dependent Weights”

2004-1-3: Morten Hovd, David L. Ma and Richard D. Braatz, “On the Computation of Disturbance Rejection Measures”

2004-1-2: Tor A. Johansen, Thor I. Fossen, Svein I. Sagatun and Finn G. Nielsen, “Wave Synchronizing Crane Control during Water Entry in Offshore Moonpool Operations - Experimental Results”

2003-4-3: Glenn-Ole Kaasa and Masanori Takahashi, “Adaptive Tracking Control of an Electro-Pneumatic Clutch Actuator”

2003-3-3: Lars Imsland, Rolf Findeisen, Frank Allgöwer and Bjarne A. Foss, “Output Feedback Stabilization with Nonlinear Predictive Control: Asymptotic properties”

2003-3-2: Tor I. Eikaas, Christian Schmid, Bjarne A. Foss and Denis Gillet, “A Global Remote Laboratory Experimentation Network and the Experiment Service Provider Business Model and Plans”

2003-2-3: Emil H. Edwin and Jens G. Balchen, “Dynamic Optimization and Production Planning of Thermal Cracking Operation”

2002-4-3: Ole M. Aamo and Thor I. Fossen, “Tutorial on Feedback Control of Flows, Part II: Diagnostics and Feedback Control of Mixing”

2002-3-1: Ole M. Aamo and Thor I. Fossen, “Tutorial on Feedback Control of Flows, Part I: Stabilization of Fluid Flows in Channels and Pipes”

2001-4-4: Jostein Vada, Olav Slupphaug, Tor A. Johansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Linear MPC with Optimal Prioritized Infeasibility Handling: Application, Computational Issues and Stability”

2001-4-2: Lars Imsland, Olav Slupphaug and Bjarne A. Foss, “Piecewise affine observer-based robust controllers for constrained nonlinear systems”

2001-2-4: Bjarne A. Foss and Stein O. Wasbø, “An integration scheme for stiff solid-gas reactor models”

2001-2-3: Kristin Y. Pettersen and Henk Nijmeijer, “Semi-Global Practical Stabilization and Disturbance Adaptation for an Underactuated Ship”

2001-2-1: Trond Andresen, “A Logarithmic-Amplitude Polar Diagram”

2001-1-3: Olav Slupphaug, Lars Imsland and Bjarne A. Foss, “Uncertainty Modeling and Robust Output Feedback Control of Nonlinear Discrete Systems: A Mathematical Programming Approach”

2001-1-2: Tor A. Johansen, “Computational Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems using Semi-infinite Programming”

2001-1-1: Hallgeir Ludvigsen, Anton Shiriaev and Olav Egeland, “Stabilization of Stable Manifold of Upright Position of the Spherical Pendulum”

2000-4-1: Bjørnar Vik and Thor I. Fossen, “A Nonlinear Observer for Integration of GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems”

2000-3-1: Thor I. Fossen, “Nonlinear Passive Control and Observer Design for Ships”

2000-2-3: Rolf Henriksen, “Convergence Properties of an Extended Least Squares (ELS) Variant”

2000-1-1: Jens G. Balchen, “Thirty Years of Research on the Application of Cybernetic Methods in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology”

1999-4-1: Kristin Y. Pettersen and Henk Nijmeijer, “Global Practical Stabilization and Tracking for an Underactuated Ship - A Combined Averaging and Backstepping Approach”

1999-3-3: Svein P. Berge, Kohei Ohtsu and Thor I. Fossen, “Nonlinear control of ships minimizing the position tracking errors”

1999-3-1: Olav Slupphaug and Bjarne A. Foss, “Constrained quadratic stabilization of discrete-time uncertain nonlinear multi-model systems using piecewise affine state-feedback”

1999-2-3: Thor I. Fossen and Jan P. Strand, “Tutorial on nonlinear backstepping: Applications to ship control”

1999-2-2: Morten Hovd, Rune Michaelsen and Tomas Montin, “Model predictive control of a crude oil distillation column”

1999-2-1: Jens G. Balchen, “How have we arrived at the present state of knowledge in process control? Is there a lesson to be learned?”

1999-1-2: Dag Kristiansen and Olav Egeland, “Nonlinear oscillations in coriolis based gyroscopes”

1998-4-3: Trond Andresen, “The Macroeconomy as a Network of Money-Flow Transfer Functions”

1998-4-2: Tor A. Johansen, K. J. Hunt and H. Fritz, “A software environment for gain scheduled controller design”

1998-4-1: Olav Slupphaug, Jostein Vada and Bjarne A. Foss, “MPC in systems with continuous and discrete control inputs”

1998-3-3: Bjarne A. Foss, B. Lohmann and W. Marquardt, “A field study of the industrial modeling process”

1998-2-4: Tor A. Johansen, “Constrained and regularized system identification”

1998-2-1: Jan P. Strand, Asgeir J. Sørensen and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of automatic thruster assisted mooring systems for ships”

1998-1-3: Tormod Drengstig, Dag Ljungquist and Bjarne A. Foss, “On the AlF3 and temperature control of an aluminium electrolysis cell”

1998-1-2: Jan T. Gravdahl and Olav Egeland, “Speed and surge control for a lower order centrifugal compressor model”

1998-1-1: Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Hard constraints in control state variables of multivariable nonlinear processes resolved by elementary nonlinear decoupling”

1997-4-2: Kjell Støle-Hansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Controlling pH in a Precipitation Plant”

1997-4-1: Stein O. Wasbø, Bjarne A. Foss and Ragnar Tronstad, “Object-oriented Ferromanganese Furnace Model”

1997-3-3: Kristin Y. Pettersen and Olav Egeland, “Exponential Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel”

1997-3-2: David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “A State Space Model for the Wood Chip Refining Model”

1996-2-7: Thor I. Fossen, Svein I. Sagatun and Asgeir J. Sørensen, “Identification of Dynamically Positioned Ships”

1996-2-6: Asgeir J. Sørensen, Svein I. Sagatun and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of a dynamic positioning system using model-based control”

1996-2-5: Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “Passive output feedback and observer based autopilots: A comparative study”

1996-2-4: Trygve Lauvdal and Thor I. Fossen, “A globally stable autopilot with wave filter using only yaw angle measurements”

1996-2-3: Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “An output feedback tracking controller for ships with nonlinear damping terms”

1996-2-1: Erling Johannessen and Olav Egeland, “Robust performance in dynamic positioning systems”

1996-1-6: Per G. Auran and Olli Silven, “Ideas for underwater 3D sonar range sensing and environmental modeling”

1996-1-5: Thor I. Fossen and Ola-Erik Fjellstad, “Robust adaptive control of underwater vehicles: A comparative study”

1996-1-4: Jens G. Balchen, “Model based teleoperation of untethered underwater vehicles with manipulators”

1996-1-2: Ingrid Schjølberg and Olav Egeland, “Motion Control of underwater vehicle-manipulator systems using feedback linearization”

1995-4-3: Tor A. Johansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Semi-empirical modeling of non-linear dynamic systems through identification of operating regimes and local models”

1995-4-2: Hilde C. Meisingset and Jens G. Balchen, “Mathematical modeling of a rotary hearth coke calciner”

1995-2-2: Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Input saturation in nonlinear multivariable processes resolved by nonlinear decoupling”

1995-2-1: Takouhi Ozanian, “Approaches for Stereo Matching”

1995-1-3: Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Elementary Decoupling control of composition in binary distillation columns”

1995-1-2: K. Uhlen, Bjarne A. Foss and O.B. Gjøsæter, “Robust control and analysis of a wind-diesel hybrid power plant”

1995-1-1: Ø. Gundersen and Jens G. Balchen, “Modeling and simulation of an anode carbon baking furnace”

1994-4-4: Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Generalized predictive control of nonlinear systems of the Hammerstein form”

1994-2-4: Dag Ljungquist and Jens G. Balchen, “Recursive prediction error methods for online estimation in nonlinear state-space models”

1994-2-2: Thor I. Fossen and Ola-Erik Fjellstad, “Cascaded adaptive control of ocean vehicles with significant actuator dynamics”

1994-2-1: Asgeir J. Sørensen and Olav Egeland, “Ride control of surface effect ships using distributed control”

1994-1-5: David Di Ruscio, Rolf Henriksen and Jens G. Balchen, “A solution to the problem of constructing a state space model from time series”

1994-1-4: Finn Are Michelsen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Modeling and simulation of the mass flow and reaction kinetics in a continuous Kamyr steam/liquor phase digester”

1994-1-3: Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “A direct adaptive generalized predictive controllers and some of its global convergence properties”

1993-4-4: Thor I. Fossen and Marit Paulsen, “Adaptive feedback linearization applied to steering of ships”

1993-4-3: Jens G. Balchen, “Design of the Property Transformation in Elementary Nonlinear Decoupling of Multivariable Processes”

1993-4-1: Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Direct adaptive generalized predictive control”

1993-3-5: Jens G. Balchen, “A Modified LQG Algorithm (MLQG) for Robust Control of Nonlinear Multivariable Systems”

1993-3-3: Ren Guang and Jens G. Balchen, “Finite Element Modelling of the Hydrodynamic Environment of a Small ROV”

1993-3-1: Bernt Lie and Jens G. Balchen, “A Comparison of Strategies for the Control of a Polypropene Reactor”

1993-2-5: Jan R. Sagli, Inge Spangelo and Olav Egeland, “Resolving redundancy through a weighted damped least-squares solution”

1993-2-2: Dag Ljungquist, Stig Strand and Jens G. Balchen, “Catalytic cracking models developed for predictive control purposes”

1993-1-1: Odd A. Olsen and Jens G. Balchen, “Structured modeling of fish physiology”

1992-4-1: David Di Ruscio, “Adjustment of PID control parameters”

1992-3-5: Ola-Erik Fjellstad, Thor I. Fossen and Olav Egeland, “Adaptive control of ROVs with actuator dynamics and saturation”

1992-3-4: Inge Spangelo and Olav Egeland, “Computing energy-optimal trajectories for an autonomous underwater vehicle using direct shooting”

1992-3-2: Rolf Henriksen, “Accuracy of some robust estimators based upon prefiltering of the input/output data”

1992-3-1: Eivind J. Lund, Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Multiple model estimation with inter-residual distance feedback”

1992-2-2: Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “State-space predictive control”

1992-2-1: Øyvind Midttveit, Viktor Berge and Eivind Dykesteen, “Multiphase flow metering using capacitance transducer and multivariate calibration”

1992-1-4: Jens G. Balchen, “A method for the control of alumina concentration in aluminum reduction cells”

1992-1-3: Tor A. Johansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “A NARMAX model representation for adaptive control based on local models”

1992-1-2: David Di Ruscio, “On the location of LQ-optimal closed-loop poles”

1992-1-1: Carlos Canudas de Wit and Ole J. Sørdalen, “On the location of LQ-optimal closed-loop poles”

1991-4-3: Jens G. Balchen, “Possible roles of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) and robotics in mariculture of the future”

1991-3-5: David Di Ruscio, “Maximal imaginery eigenvalues in optimal systems”

1991-3-4: Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Globally convergent generalized pole-placement adaptive control algorithm”

1991-3-3: Thor I. Fossen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Sliding control of MIMO nonlinear systems”

1991-3-2: Jens G. Balchen, “The Stability of mxm Multivariable Process Control Systems”

1991-3-1: Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “A simplified algorithm of weighted generalized predictive adaptive control”

1991-2-4: Thor I. Fossen and Svein I. Sagatun, “Adaptive control of nonlinear underwater robotic systems”

1991-2-3: Jens G. Balchen, “Nonlinear Decoupling in Process Control”

1991-2-2: Jens G. Balchen, Fredrik Dessen and G. Skofteland, “Sensor Integration Using State Estimators”

1991-2-1: Olav Egeland, “The Norwegian research programme on advanced robotic systems”

1991-1-4: Trond Andresen, “A Recursive Algorithm for the Reduction of Block Diagrams”

1991-1-2: Jan R. Sagli and Olav Egeland, “Using Momentum Conservation to Control Kinematically Redundant Manipulators”

1990-4-4: Rolf Henriksen and Erik Weyer, “Convergence Aspects of Some Robust Estimators Based Upon Prefiltering of the Input-Output Data”

1990-4-3: Stefano Chiaverini and Olav Egeland, “An Efficient Pseudo-Inverse Solution to the Inverse Kinematic Problem for 6-Joint Manipulators”

1990-3-4: Thor I. Fossen, “Adaptive feedback linearization of non-linear systems with significant actuator dynamics”

1990-3-3: David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “An Algorithm for Design of Decentralized Suboptimal Controllers with Specified Structure”

1990-3-1: Jens G. Balchen, “Rational Transfer Function Approximations to Transport Delay”

1990-2-5: David Di Ruscio, “A Note on a necessary condition for optimality”

1990-2-4: Erling Lunde and Jens G. Balchen, “Practical Trajectory Learning Algorithms for Robot Manipulators”

1990-2-3: Jens G. Balchen, “The Stability of 2x2 Multivariable Control Systems”

1990-2-2: Wei Wang, “Multivariable robust adaptive controller using reduced-order model”

1990-1-5: David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “A Schur Method for Designing LQ-optimal Systems with Prescribed Eigenvalues”

1990-1-1: Jens G. Balchen and Fredrik Dessen, “Structural Solution of Highly Redundant Sensing in Robotic Systems”

1989-2-5: Olav Egeland and Erling Lunde, “Trajectory generation for manipulators using linear quadratic optimal tracking”

1989-2-2: Olav Egeland, Jan R. Sagli and Bård Jansen, “Optimal continuous-path control for manipulators with redundant degrees of freedom”

1989-2-1: Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “Predictive Control Based upon State Space Models”

1989-1-3: Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “State Space Model Predictive Control of a Multi Stage Electro-metallurgical Process”

1989-1-2: Rolf Henriksen, “Convergence analysis of some decentralized parameter estimators”

1989-1-1: Jens G. Balchen, Kåre Telnes and David Di Ruscio, “Frequency Response Adaptive Control of a Refrigeration Cycle”

1988-4-4: Erling Lunde and Jens G. Balchen, “Learning Control of Redundant DOF Robots by Optimization of Parameterized Control Space”

1988-4-2: Ingar Solberg, “Data and Program Structure for a Modular Extended Kalman Filter”

1988-4-1: Thor I. Fossen and Jens G. Balchen, “Modeling and Non-Linear Self-Tuning Robust Trajectory Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”

1988-3-3: Jens G. Balchen, Bernt Lie and Ingar Solberg, “Internal Decoupling in Nonlinear Process Control”

1988-2-4: Fredrik Dessen and Jens G. Balchen, “A Positional Deviation Sensor for Training of Robots”

1988-2-1: Olav Egeland, “Adaptive control of a manipulator when the mass of the load is unknown”

1988-1-1: Ola Norderhaug, Jens G. Balchen and Tor Onshus, “On-Line Component Estimation and Analyser Calibration for a Complex Industrial Processing Plant using Kalman-Filtering”

1987-4-3: Jens G. Balchen and Bernt Lie, “An Adaptive Controller Based upon Continuous Estimation of the Closed Loop Frequency Response”

1987-4-1: Olav Egeland and Jens G. Balchen, “Cartesian Control of a Spray-Painting Robot with Redundant Degrees of Freedom”

1987-3-5: Fredrik Dessen, “Coordinating Control of a Special Joint Structure with More Servos than Degrees of Freedom”

1987-3-4: Erling Lunde, Olav Egeland and Jens G. Balchen, “Dynamic Control of Kinematically Redundant Robotic Manipulators”

1987-3-3: Olav Egeland, “On the Robustness of the Computed Torque Technique in Manipulator Control”

1987-3-2: Olav Egeland, “Cartesian Trajectory Tracking for Manipulators Using Optimal Control Theory”

1987-1-8: Steinar Grimsen, Robert N. Jaques, Vincent Erenst and Jens G. Balchen, “Aspects of Automation in a Lobster Farming Plant”

1986-4-1: Jens G. Balchen, “Bridging the gap between aquaculture and the information sciences”

1986-3-3: Ole A. Solheim, “Robustness Analysis of a Class of Decentralized Control Systems”

1985-2-3: Olav Egeland, “Task Space Tracking for Manipulators”

1985-1-3: Steinar Sælid, Olav Egeland and Bjarne A. Foss, “A solution to the blow-up problem in adaptive controllers”

1985-1-1: Rolf Henriksen, “Estimation of Large-Scale Implicit Models Using 2-Stage Methods”

1984-4-2: Jens G. Balchen, “A Quasi-Dynamic Optimal Control Strategy for Non-Linear Multivariable Processes Based upon Non-Quadratic Objective Functions”

1984-4-1: Olav Egeland, “A Gyrocompass for Maritime Applications Based Upon Multivariable Control Theory”

1984-2-3: Jens G. Balchen, “Recent Progress in the Control of Fish Behavior”

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