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The aim of MIC is to present Nordic research activities in the field of modeling, identification and control to the international scientific community. Historically, the articles published in MIC presented the results of research carried out in Norway, or sponsored primarily by a Norwegian institution. Since 2009 the journal also accepts papers from the other Nordic countries. See also this flyer.

Since February 2009 recent issues of MIC are available in print but the entire collection of articles is also available on this website for download at no charge. In the period July 2006 to February 2009 the journal existed in electronic format by subscription and before 2006 only in paper format (ISSN: 0332-7353). The journal was founded in 1980 by Professor Jens G. Balchen at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU.

Why Publish in MIC? MIC strives to only publish articles of high academic quality. Each article published in MIC has been refereed by at least two internationally recognised specialists within the field. MIC articles are available for free download on the Internet, and the published articles are guaranteed the widest possible audience. MIC strives to complete timely reviews of submitted articles. MIC participates in DOI to achieve permanent and stable web references. The MIC journal is ranked as publication level 1 in Norway.

Non-profit Journal: MIC is operated as a non-profit, open access journal and is entirely based on voluntary contributions from the editors and reviewers. MIC does not charge a publication fee. This policy is only possible by limiting the number of articles submitted for review. MIC achieves this by having geograpical profile, see the 'For Authors' page.

Review: Each submitted article will initially be reviewed by the editor and/or the editorial secretary. If the article passes the initial review, it will be reviewed in a second step by the closest discipline editor and two internationally recognised experts in the field. All reviews in MIC are anonymous and the journal strives to avoid any conflict of interest in the review process.

Latest editorial: Vol. 38, No. 2

Most Recent MIC Articles:
Vol. 45, No. 2:
1.Changhun Jeong, Beathe Furenes and Roshan Sharma, “Stochastic Sequential Model Predictive Control for Operating Buffer Reservoir in Hjartdøla Hydropower System under Uncertainty”, pp. 41-50
2.Trym A. Nygård, Nicholas Dalhaug, Rudolf Mester, Edmund Brekke and Annette Stahl, “Stereo Camera-based Free Space Estimation for Docking in Urban Waters”, pp. 51-63
3.Nima Janatian, Stein Krogstad and Roshan Sharma, “Investigating the performance of Robust Daily Production Optimization against a combined well-reservoir model”, pp. 65-80
Vol. 45, No. 1:
1.Lene Æsøy, Houxiang Zhang and Ann R. Nerheim, “Specific Fuel Oil Consumption Models for Simulating Energy Consumption of Wellboats”, pp. 1-14
2.Fetullah Atas, Grzegorz Cielniak and Lars Grimstad, “CostTrust: A Fast-Exploring, Iteratively Expanding Frontier-Based Kinodynamic Motion Planner”, pp. 15-28
3.Finn Matras and Morten D. Pedersen, “On the Necessity of Dynamic Inflow”, pp. 29-39
Vol. 44, No. 4:
1.Daniel Schäle, Martin Fodstad Stølen and Erik Kyrkjebø, “Programming Fine Manufacturing Tasks on Collaborative Robots: A Case Study on Industrial Gluing”, pp. 141-154
2.Steinar Sælid, “My Way in Cybernetics - For 50 Years”, pp. 155-173
Vol. 44, No. 3:
1.Rolf Ergon, “Microevolutionary system identification and climate response predictions by use of BLUP prediction error method”, pp. 83-110
2.Thomas Farsakoglou, Henrik C. Pedersen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Improving Energy Efficiency and Response Time of an Offshore Winch Drive with Digital Displacement Motors”, pp. 111-124
3.Wei Zhao, Mohit Bhola, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “A Novel Control Design for Realizing Passive Load-Holding Function on a Two-Motor-Two-Pump Motor-Controlled Hydraulic Cylinder”, pp. 125-139
Vol. 44, No. 2:
1.Changhun Jeong, Beathe Furenes and Roshan Sharma, “Multistage Model Predictive Control with Simplified Scenario Ensembles for Robust Control of Hydropower Station”, pp. 43-54
2.Øystein Kaarstad Helgesen, Emil H. Thyri, Edmund Brekke, Annette Stahl and Morten Breivik, “Experimental validation of camera-based maritime collision avoidance for autonomous urban passenger ferries”, pp. 55-68
3.Yongjie Wang and Finn Haugen, “Subspace System Identification of a Pilot Tunnel System of a Combined Sewage System”, pp. 69-82
Vol. 44, No. 1:
1.Mohamed Yousri, Georg Jacobs and Stephan Neumann, “Effect of Electrification on the Quantitative Reliability of an Offshore Crane Winch in Terms of Drive-Induced Torque Ripples”, pp. 1-16
2.Kushila Jayamanne and Bernt Lie, “HMC Techniques for Reducing the Uncertainty of Gas-Lifted Oil Field Model”, pp. 17-29