NFEA, Kjøita 19, N-4630 Kristiansand, Norway


Geir Hovland
Professor at University of Agder
Editorial address: Postboks 219, N-4892 Grimstad, Norway
Email: editor [at]

Associate Editors:

Thomas Bak
Professor, Section Head at Aalborg University
Automation & Control, Dept. of Electronic Systems
Email: tba [at]

Morten Breivik
Head of Department
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Discipline: Marine Control Systems, Ship Control
Email: morten.breivik [at]

Pål Johan From
Professor at NMBU
Discipline: Robotics, Path Planning, Singularities, Agri-robotics
Email: pal.johan.from [at]

Morten Hovd
Professor at NTNU
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Discipline: Model Predictive Control, Robust Control
Email: morten.hovd [at]

Bernt Lie
Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway
Discipline: Process Modeling and Control, MPC, Estimation
Email: bernt.lie [at]

Per Johan Nicklasson
Professor at the Arctic University of Norway
Discipline: Aerospace and Satellite Modeling and Control
Email: per.j.nicklasson [at]

Mikael Norrlöf
Adjunct Professor at Linköping University
Development Engineer at ABB Robotics, Västerås
Discipline: Robot Motion Control
Email: mino [at]