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If you have ever tried to follow an URL in an article older than 5-10 years, more often than not you will find that the URL is no longer active. The DOI system is an attempt to overcome this deficiency by providing stable and permanent references for intellectual property on the web.

The MIC journal has implemented the DOI system for every single article published in MIC since the foundation year in 1980. The DOI prefix for MIC is 10.4173 and an individual article has been assigned a DOI on the following format: 10.4173/ For example, the first article published in MIC by Oddvar Hallingstad has the following DOI: 10.4173/mic.1980.1.1 and the following permanent URL This permanent URL links back to the website. If the MIC website is moved in the future, the DOI information will be updated to point to the new address.

Another advantage of the DOI system, is the possibility to register all the references in an article in a structured manner. All the references made in MIC articles starting from 1980 have been submitted into the DOI system. The effect is an increased visibility of MIC articles, which again will lead to a wider audience. MIC also participates in the 'cited-by' system, which can be seen for this article. 'cited-by' shows which other papers have included the actual paper in the reference lists.

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DOI Forward Links to MIC for Year: 2010

 Total number of MIC articles in 2010  12
 Total number of DOI citations  189
 Average citations per article   15.75 

2010, Vol. 31, No. 4:
1.Rune Schlanbusch, Raymond Kristiansen and Per J. Nicklasson, “Spacecraft Magnetic Control Using Dichotomous Coordinate Descent Algorithm with Box Constraints”, pp. 123-131
DOI forward links to this article:
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2.Mikkel M. Pedersen, Michael R. Hansen and Morten Ballebye, “Developing a Tool Point Control Scheme for a Hydraulic Crane Using Interactive Real-time Dynamic Simulation”, pp. 133-143
DOI forward links to this article:
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3.David Di RuscioOn Tuning PI Controllers for Integrating Plus Time Delay Systems”, pp. 145-164
DOI forward links to this article:
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2010, Vol. 31, No. 3:
1.Finn HaugenComparing PI Tuning Methods in a Real Benchmark Temperature Control System”, pp. 79-91
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