Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

 Total number of MIC articles   14
 Total number of DOI citations  175
 Average citations per article  12.50
 Years 1980 - 2007 

MIC: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

2007-4-3: Øyvind Hegrenæs, Oddvar Hallingstad and Kenneth Gade, “Towards Model-Aided Navigation of Underwater Vehicles”

2005-3-2: Kenneth Gade, “NavLab, a Generic Simulation and Post-processing Tool for Navigation”

2004-4-2: Bjørn Jalving, Kenneth Gade, Kristian Svartveit, Are Willumsen and Robert Sørhagen, “DVL Velocity Aiding in the HUGIN 1000 Integrated Inertial Navigation System”

2004-3-3: Bjørn Jalving, Kenneth Gade, Ove K. Hagen and Karsten Vestgård, “A Toolbox of Aiding Techniques for the HUGIN AUV Integrated Inertial Navigation System”

2003-2-2: O. M. Mevassvik and A. Løkka, “Fusion of Radar Tracks, Reports and Plans”

2003-1-4: Denis Zyryanov, Jörg Haarpaintner and Reinert Korsnes, “Storfjorden (Svalbard): Modeling of the Polynya Development and the Sea Ice Ridging Process”

1999-3-2: Kenneth Gade and Bjørn Jalving, “An aided navigation post processing filter for detailed seabed mapping UUVs”

1995-2-3: Bjørn Jalving and Nils Størkersen, “The control system of an autonomous underwater vehicle”

1993-3-2: Espen Hagen and Eilert Heyerdahl, “Navigation by images”

1989-1-4: Johan H. Aas, Karsten Brathen, Erik Nordo and Ole Ø. Ørpen, “Man-machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: features and design experience”

1986-1-3: Oddvar Hallingstad, “Estimation of Synchronous Machine Parameters”

1983-1-1: Johnny Bardal and Ole Ø. Ørpen, “GPS Performance in Marine Applications”

1980-1-4: Tore Smestad, “VOR - Calibration by an Airborne Integrated Navigation System”

1980-1-1: Oddvar Hallingstad, “Estimation of Synchronous Machine Parameters”