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DOI Forward Links to MIC for Year: 2013

 Total number of MIC articles in 2013  15
 Total number of DOI citations  222
 Average citations per article   14.80 

2013, Vol. 34, No. 4:
1.Morten K. Bak and Michael R. Hansen, “Analysis of Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane - Part One: Modeling and Parameter Identification”, pp. 157-174
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2.Morten K. Bak and Michael R. Hansen, “Analysis of Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane - Part Two: Motion Control”, pp. 175-181
DOI forward links to this article:
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3.Anastasios M. Lekkas, Andreas Reason Dahl, Morten Breivik and Thor I. Fossen, “Continuous-Curvature Path Generation Using Fermat's Spiral”, pp. 183-198
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2013, Vol. 34, No. 3:
1.Finn Haugen, Rune Bakke and Bernt Lie, “Temperature Control of a Pilot Anaerobic Digestion Reactor”, pp. 99-117
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2.David Di RuscioModel Predictive Control with Integral Action: A simple MPC algorithm”, pp. 119-129
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