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All MIC articles published during 1990 - 1999:

1999, Vol. 20, No. 4:
1.Kristin Y. Pettersen and Henk Nijmeijer, “Global Practical Stabilization and Tracking for an Underactuated Ship - A Combined Averaging and Backstepping Approach”, pp. 189-200
2.Geir Hovland and Brenan J. McCarragher, “Hidden Markov Models as a Process Monitor in Robotic Assembly”, pp. 201-223
3.Trygve Lauvdal and Richard M. Murray, “Stabilization of a Pitch Axis Flight Control Experiment with Input Rate Saturation”, pp. 225-240

1999, Vol. 20, No. 3:
1.Olav Slupphaug and Bjarne A. Foss, “Constrained quadratic stabilization of discrete-time uncertain nonlinear multi-model systems using piecewise affine state-feedback”, pp. 137-164
2.Kenneth Gade and Bjørn Jalving, “An aided navigation post processing filter for detailed seabed mapping UUVs”, pp. 165-175
3.Svein P. Berge, Kohei Ohtsu and Thor I. Fossen, “Nonlinear control of ships minimizing the position tracking errors”, pp. 177-187

1999, Vol. 20, No. 2:
1.Jens G. BalchenHow have we arrived at the present state of knowledge in process control? Is there a lesson to be learned?”, pp. 63-73
2.Morten Hovd, Rune Michaelsen and Tomas Montin, “Model predictive control of a crude oil distillation column”, pp. 75-81
3.Thor I. Fossen and Jan P. Strand, “Tutorial on nonlinear backstepping: Applications to ship control”, pp. 83-135

1999, Vol. 20, No. 1:
1.Aage SkullestadModeling and control of a gravity gradient stabilised satellite”, pp. 3-26
2.Dag Kristiansen and Olav Egeland, “Nonlinear oscillations in coriolis based gyroscopes”, pp. 27-62

1998, Vol. 19, No. 4:
1.Olav Slupphaug, Jostein Vada and Bjarne A. Foss, “MPC in systems with continuous and discrete control inputs”, pp. 175-184
2.Tor A. Johansen, K. J. Hunt and H. Fritz, “A software environment for gain scheduled controller design”, pp. 185-206
3.Trond AndresenThe Macroeconomy as a Network of Money-Flow Transfer Functions”, pp. 207-223

1998, Vol. 19, No. 3:
1.David Di RuscioThe partial least squares algorithm: a truncated Cayley-Hamilton series approximation used to solve the regression problem”, pp. 117-140
2.Tor S. ScheiA finite-difference method for linearization in nonlinear estimation algorithms”, pp. 141-152
3.Bjarne A. Foss, B. Lohmann and W. Marquardt, “A field study of the industrial modeling process”, pp. 153-174

1998, Vol. 19, No. 2:
1.Jan P. Strand, Asgeir J. Sørensen and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of automatic thruster assisted mooring systems for ships”, pp. 61-75
2.Rolf ErgonDynamic system multivariate calibration by system identification methods”, pp. 77-97
3.Rolf ErgonDynamic system calibration: the low primary output sampling rate case”, pp. 99-107
4.Tor A. JohansenConstrained and regularized system identification”, pp. 109-116

1998, Vol. 19, No. 1:
1.Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Hard constraints in control state variables of multivariable nonlinear processes resolved by elementary nonlinear decoupling”, pp. 3-11
2.Jan T. Gravdahl and Olav Egeland, “Speed and surge control for a lower order centrifugal compressor model”, pp. 13-29
3.Tormod Drengstig, Dag Ljungquist and Bjarne A. Foss, “On the AlF3 and temperature control of an aluminium electrolysis cell”, pp. 31-59

1997, Vol. 18, No. 4:
1.Stein O. Wasbø, Bjarne A. Foss and Ragnar Tronstad, “Object-oriented Ferromanganese Furnace Model”, pp. 249-260
2.Kjell Støle-Hansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Controlling pH in a Precipitation Plant”, pp. 261-272
3.Per J. Nicklasson, Romeo Ortega and Gerardo Espinosa-Perez, “Passivity-Based Control of a Class of Blondel-Park Transformable Electric Machines”, pp. 273-305

1997, Vol. 18, No. 3:
1.Sigurd SkogestadDynamics and Control of Distillation Columns - A Critical Survey”, pp. 177-217
2.David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “A State Space Model for the Wood Chip Refining Model”, pp. 219-237
3.Kristin Y. Pettersen and Olav Egeland, “Exponential Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel”, pp. 239-248

1997, Vol. 18, No. 2:
1.Ommund Øgård and Tor I. Eikaas, “Multi-purpose process simulators”, pp. 89-100
2.Stein T. JohansenApplications of computational fluid dynamics in optimisation and design of metallurgical processes”, pp. 101-122
3.Dag Slagstad and Torleif Iversen, “Simulation and visualization of coupled hydrodynamical, chemical and biological models”, pp. 123-136
4.T. Dahl, A. Hashemi-Ahmady and Bernt Lie, “Modelling and simulation of phase equilibrium in dynamic systems”, pp. 137-153
5.Stig Strand and Lars Håkon Veland, “Model-predictive control and real-time optimization of a cat cracker unit”, pp. 155-175

1997, Vol. 18, No. 1:
1.Jens I. Ytreeide, Olav Aaker, Vidar Kristoffersen, Geir Moe and Christian Naustdal, “Control, Operator Support and Safety System of PVC-reactors”, pp. 5-17
2.Bjørn H. HjertagerProcess Modelling of Chemical Reactors: Zero- versus Multi-dimensional Models”, pp. 19-59
3.M. Nordsveen and A. Hærdig, “Simulations of severe slugging during depressurization of an oil/gas pipeline”, pp. 61-73
4.Arne Marthinsen, Hans Munthe-Kaas and Brynjulf Owren, “Simulation of ordinary differential equations on manifolds: some numerical experiments and verifications”, pp. 75-88

1996, Vol. 17, No. 4:
1.Aage SkullestadIdentification of Vibration Parameters in a Spacecraft using Nonparametric and Parametric Methods”, pp. 231-259
2.Morten C. SvenssonProcess Identification in On-line Optimizing Control, an Application to a Heat Pump”, pp. 261-278
3.Morten C. SvenssonModel-based Optimizing Control of a Water-to-Water Heat Pump Unit”, pp. 279-295

1996, Vol. 17, No. 3:
1.Sigurd Skogestad and Erik A. Wolff, “Controllability measures for disturbance rejection”, pp. 167-181
2.Tor A Johnsen and Fridtjof F. Unander, “Norwegian Residential Energy Demand: Coordinated use of a System Engineering and a Macroeconomic Model”, pp. 183-192
3.David Di RuscioCombined Deterministic and Stochastic System Identification and Realization: DSR - A Subspace Approach Based on Observations”, pp. 193-230

1996, Vol. 17, No. 2:
1.Erling Johannessen and Olav Egeland, “Robust performance in dynamic positioning systems”, pp. 75-86
2.Tor S. ScheiWave disturbance filtering in dynamic positioning systems”, pp. 87-96
3.Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “An output feedback tracking controller for ships with nonlinear damping terms”, pp. 97-106
4.Trygve Lauvdal and Thor I. Fossen, “A globally stable autopilot with wave filter using only yaw angle measurements”, pp. 107-119
5.Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “Passive output feedback and observer based autopilots: A comparative study”, pp. 121-133
6.Asgeir J. Sørensen, Svein I. Sagatun and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of a dynamic positioning system using model-based control”, pp. 135-151
7.Thor I. Fossen, Svein I. Sagatun and Asgeir J. Sørensen, “Identification of Dynamically Positioned Ships”, pp. 153-165

1996, Vol. 17, No. 1:
1.Mathias HåndlykkenAdvances in Inertial Measurement Technology for Marine Motion Control”, pp. 5-15
2.Ingrid Schjølberg and Olav Egeland, “Motion Control of underwater vehicle-manipulator systems using feedback linearization”, pp. 17-26
3.B. SmestadMinesniper”, pp. 27-35
4.Jens G. BalchenModel based teleoperation of untethered underwater vehicles with manipulators”, pp. 37-45
5.Thor I. Fossen and Ola-Erik Fjellstad, “Robust adaptive control of underwater vehicles: A comparative study”, pp. 47-61
6.Per G. Auran and Olli Silven, “Ideas for underwater 3D sonar range sensing and environmental modeling”, pp. 63-73

1995, Vol. 16, No. 4:
1.Bjørn H. Hjertager and K. Morud, “Computational fluid dynamics simulation of bioreactors”, pp. 177-191
2.Hilde C. Meisingset and Jens G. Balchen, “Mathematical modeling of a rotary hearth coke calciner”, pp. 193-212
3.Tor A. Johansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Semi-empirical modeling of non-linear dynamic systems through identification of operating regimes and local models”, pp. 213-232
4.Ole J. Elle, K. Johnsen and Terje K. Lien, “Mechanical Analysis of high precision manipulator”, pp. 233-241

1995, Vol. 16, No. 3:
1.Monica Østenstad and Terje Sira, “Temperature and flow distribution in planar SOFC stacks”, pp. 119-127
2.David Di RuscioA method for the identification of state space models from input and output measurements”, pp. 129-143
3.Are Willersrud, Fred Godtliebsen and Trygve Thomessen, “Automatic programming of grinding robot restoration of contours”, pp. 145-154
4.Geir Horn and Svein Linge, “Analytical generation of the dynamical equations for mechanical manipulators”, pp. 155-167
5.L.K. Alm and T.A. Nygaard, “Flow over complex terrain estimated by a general purpose Navier-Stokes solver”, pp. 169-176

1995, Vol. 16, No. 2:
1.Takouhi OzanianApproaches for Stereo Matching”, pp. 65-94
2.Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Input saturation in nonlinear multivariable processes resolved by nonlinear decoupling”, pp. 95-106
3.Bjørn Jalving and Nils Størkersen, “The control system of an autonomous underwater vehicle”, pp. 107-117

1995, Vol. 16, No. 1:
1.Ø. Gundersen and Jens G. Balchen, “Modeling and simulation of an anode carbon baking furnace”, pp. 3-33
2.K. Uhlen, Bjarne A. Foss and O.B. Gjøsæter, “Robust control and analysis of a wind-diesel hybrid power plant”, pp. 35-49
3.Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne Sandrib, “Elementary Decoupling control of composition in binary distillation columns”, pp. 51-63

1994, Vol. 15, No. 4:
1.Dimitris Kugiumtzis, Bjørn Lillekjendlie and Nils Christophersen, “Chaotic time series. Part I. Estimation of some invariant properties in state-space”, pp. 205-224
2.Bjørn Lillekjendlie, Dimitris Kugiumtzis and Nils Christophersen, “Chaotic time series. Part II. System Identification and Prediction”, pp. 225-245
3.Svein I. Sagatun and Rolf Johansson, “Optimal and adaptive control of underwater vehicles”, pp. 245-252
4.Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Generalized predictive control of nonlinear systems of the Hammerstein form”, pp. 253-262

1994, Vol. 15, No. 3:
1.Karl J. ÅströmThe future of control”, pp. 127-134
2.Pieter EykhoffEvery good regulator of a system must be a model of that system”, pp. 135-139
3.Rudolf E. KalmanRandomness reexamined”, pp. 141-151
4.Lennart LjungSystem Identification in a MIC perspective”, pp. 153-159
5.Manfred MorariThe Past and the Next Fifteen Years”, pp. 161-164
6.Nihoul Jacques C.JModeling sustainable development”, pp. 165-169
7.John D. PerkinsTrends in process systems engineering”, pp. 171-177
8.Dale E. SeborgA perspective on advanced strategies for process control”, pp. 179-189
9.Lotfi A. ZadehThe role of fuzzy logic in modeling, identification and control”, pp. 191-203

1994, Vol. 15, No. 2:
1.Asgeir J. Sørensen and Olav Egeland, “Ride control of surface effect ships using distributed control”, pp. 65-79
2.Thor I. Fossen and Ola-Erik Fjellstad, “Cascaded adaptive control of ocean vehicles with significant actuator dynamics”, pp. 81-91
3.Morten Hovd and Sigurd Skogestad, “Improved independent design of robust decentralized controllers”, pp. 93-107
4.Dag Ljungquist and Jens G. Balchen, “Recursive prediction error methods for online estimation in nonlinear state-space models”, pp. 109-121

1994, Vol. 15, No. 1:
1.Nils A. BaasSophus Lie”, pp. 3-7
2.Ø. Isaksen and J.E. Nordtvedt, “A new recontruction algorithm for use with capacitance-based tomography”, pp. 9-21
3.Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “A direct adaptive generalized predictive controllers and some of its global convergence properties”, pp. 23-32
4.Finn Are Michelsen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Modeling and simulation of the mass flow and reaction kinetics in a continuous Kamyr steam/liquor phase digester”, pp. 33-53
5.David Di Ruscio, Rolf Henriksen and Jens G. Balchen, “A solution to the problem of constructing a state space model from time series”, pp. 55-63

1993, Vol. 14, No. 4:
1.Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Direct adaptive generalized predictive control”, pp. 181-191
2.Hallvard G. Fjær and Asbjørn Mo, “ALSPEN: a mathematical model for thermal stresses in direct chill casting of aluminium billets”, pp. 193-218
3.Jens G. BalchenDesign of the Property Transformation in Elementary Nonlinear Decoupling of Multivariable Processes”, pp. 219-227
4.Thor I. Fossen and Marit Paulsen, “Adaptive feedback linearization applied to steering of ships”, pp. 229-237

1993, Vol. 14, No. 3:
1.Bernt Lie and Jens G. Balchen, “A Comparison of Strategies for the Control of a Polypropene Reactor”, pp. 121-131
2.Espen Hagen and Eilert Heyerdahl, “Navigation by images”, pp. 133-143
3.Ren Guang and Jens G. Balchen, “Finite Element Modelling of the Hydrodynamic Environment of a Small ROV”, pp. 145-159
4.Tom KavliFrequency domain synthesis of trajectory learning controllers for robot manipulators”, pp. 161-174
5.Jens G. BalchenA Modified LQG Algorithm (MLQG) for Robust Control of Nonlinear Multivariable Systems”, pp. 175-180

1993, Vol. 14, No. 2:
1.Elling W. Jacobsen and Sigurd Skogestad, “Dynamics and control of unstable distillation columns”, pp. 59-72
2.Dag Ljungquist, Stig Strand and Jens G. Balchen, “Catalytic cracking models developed for predictive control purposes”, pp. 73-84
3.Jon Kvalem, Rolf-Einar Grini and Kjell Haugset, “ISACS, an integrated surveillance and control system”, pp. 85-91
4.Trygve Thomessen, Ole J. Elle, Jon Lund Larsen, Torgrim Andersen, Jahn E. Pedersen and Terje K. Lien, “Automatic programming of grinding robot”, pp. 93-105
5.Jan R. Sagli, Inge Spangelo and Olav Egeland, “Resolving redundancy through a weighted damped least-squares solution”, pp. 107-119

1993, Vol. 14, No. 1:
1.Odd A. Olsen and Jens G. Balchen, “Structured modeling of fish physiology”, pp. 3-26
2.Andreas Bye and Eyvind Ness, “Early fault detection and on-line diagnosis in real-time environments”, pp. 27-41
3.Asbjørn Mo and Erik J. Holm, “On the Use of Constitutive Internal Variable Equations for Thermal Stress Predictions in Aluminium Casting”, pp. 43-58

1992, Vol. 13, No. 4:
1.David Di RuscioAdjustment of PID control parameters”, pp. 189-197
2.Astrid PetterteigControl of a resonant d.c.-link converter for a.c. motor drives”, pp. 199-220
3.T. Rølvåg, Hans P. Hildre, O.I. Sivertsen and Å.O. Waløen, “Multidiscipline simulation of elastic manipulators”, pp. 221-240

1992, Vol. 13, No. 3:
1.Eivind J. Lund, Jens G. Balchen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Multiple model estimation with inter-residual distance feedback”, pp. 127-140
2.Rolf HenriksenAccuracy of some robust estimators based upon prefiltering of the input/output data”, pp. 141-154
3.Tor S. ScheiA method for closed loop automatic tuning of PID controllers”, pp. 155-162
4.Inge Spangelo and Olav Egeland, “Computing energy-optimal trajectories for an autonomous underwater vehicle using direct shooting”, pp. 163-174
5.Ola-Erik Fjellstad, Thor I. Fossen and Olav Egeland, “Adaptive control of ROVs with actuator dynamics and saturation”, pp. 175-188

1992, Vol. 13, No. 2:
1.Øyvind Midttveit, Viktor Berge and Eivind Dykesteen, “Multiphase flow metering using capacitance transducer and multivariate calibration”, pp. 65-76
2.Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “State-space predictive control”, pp. 77-112
3.Sigurd Skogestad and Manfred Morari, “Variable selection for decentralized control”, pp. 113-125

1992, Vol. 13, No. 1:
1.Carlos Canudas de Wit and Ole J. Sørdalen, “On the location of LQ-optimal closed-loop poles”, pp. 3-14
2.David Di RuscioOn the location of LQ-optimal closed-loop poles”, pp. 15-23
3.Tor A. Johansen and Bjarne A. Foss, “A NARMAX model representation for adaptive control based on local models”, pp. 25-39
4.Jens G. BalchenA method for the control of alumina concentration in aluminum reduction cells”, pp. 41-49
5.Lars Norum, Alf K. Ådnanes, Waldemar Sulkowski and Lars A. Aga, “The realization of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive with flux weakening”, pp. 51-63

1991, Vol. 12, No. 4:
1.Sigurd Skogestad, Morten Hovd and Petter Lundström, “Simple frequency-dependent tools for analysis of inherent control limitations”, pp. 159-177
2.Ivar Ø. SandOn unsteady reacting flow in a channel with a cavity”, pp. 179-205
3.Jens G. BalchenPossible roles of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) and robotics in mariculture of the future”, pp. 207-217

1991, Vol. 12, No. 3:
1.Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “A simplified algorithm of weighted generalized predictive adaptive control”, pp. 107-115
2.Jens G. BalchenThe Stability of mxm Multivariable Process Control Systems”, pp. 117-127
3.Thor I. Fossen and Bjarne A. Foss, “Sliding control of MIMO nonlinear systems”, pp. 129-138
4.Wei Wang and Rolf Henriksen, “Globally convergent generalized pole-placement adaptive control algorithm”, pp. 139-147
5.David Di RuscioMaximal imaginery eigenvalues in optimal systems”, pp. 149-158

1991, Vol. 12, No. 2:
1.Olav EgelandThe Norwegian research programme on advanced robotic systems”, pp. 57-67
2.Jens G. Balchen, Fredrik Dessen and G. Skofteland, “Sensor Integration Using State Estimators”, pp. 69-80
3.Jens G. BalchenNonlinear Decoupling in Process Control”, pp. 81-94
4.Thor I. Fossen and Svein I. Sagatun, “Adaptive control of nonlinear underwater robotic systems”, pp. 95-105

1991, Vol. 12, No. 1:
1.Bjørn A.J. Angelsen, S.A. Slørdahl, J.E. Solbakken, S.O. Samstad, D.T. Linker, H. Torp and H. Piene, “Estimation of Regurgitant Volume and Orifice in Aortic Regurgitation Combining CW Doppler and Parameter Estimation in a Windkessel Like Model”, pp. 3-12
2.Jan R. Sagli and Olav Egeland, “Using Momentum Conservation to Control Kinematically Redundant Manipulators”, pp. 13-25
3.Tor S. Schei, Peter Singstad and Aage J. Thunem, “Transient Simulations of Gas-Oil-Water Separation Plants”, pp. 27-46
4.Trond AndresenA Recursive Algorithm for the Reduction of Block Diagrams”, pp. 47-56

1990, Vol. 11, No. 4:
1.Dag Slagstad, Kjell Støle-Hansen and Harald Loeng, “Density driven currents in the Barents Sea calculated by a numerical model”, pp. 181-190
2.Einar SørheimA Combined Network Architecture Using Art2 and Back Propagation for Adaptive Estimation of Dynamic Processes”, pp. 191-199
3.Stefano Chiaverini and Olav Egeland, “An Efficient Pseudo-Inverse Solution to the Inverse Kinematic Problem for 6-Joint Manipulators”, pp. 201-222
4.Rolf Henriksen and Erik Weyer, “Convergence Aspects of Some Robust Estimators Based Upon Prefiltering of the Input-Output Data”, pp. 223-234

1990, Vol. 11, No. 3:
1.Jens G. BalchenRational Transfer Function Approximations to Transport Delay”, pp. 127-140
2.Kesheng Wang and Øyvind Bjørke, “Mechanical networks model for the truss system in structural engineering”, pp. 141-154
3.David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “An Algorithm for Design of Decentralized Suboptimal Controllers with Specified Structure”, pp. 155-167
4.Thor I. FossenAdaptive feedback linearization of non-linear systems with significant actuator dynamics”, pp. 169-179

1990, Vol. 11, No. 2:
1.Magne Hillestad, C. Sørlie, T.F. Anderson, I. Olsen and Terje Hertzberg, “Multivariable robust adaptive controller using reduced-order model”, pp. 73-88
2.Wei WangMultivariable robust adaptive controller using reduced-order model”, pp. 89-96
3.Jens G. BalchenThe Stability of 2x2 Multivariable Control Systems”, pp. 97-108
4.Erling Lunde and Jens G. Balchen, “Practical Trajectory Learning Algorithms for Robot Manipulators”, pp. 109-121
5.David Di RuscioA Note on a necessary condition for optimality”, pp. 123-125

1990, Vol. 11, No. 1:
1.Jens G. Balchen and Fredrik Dessen, “Structural Solution of Highly Redundant Sensing in Robotic Systems”, pp. 3-11
2.Kristian M. Lien and Terje Hertzberg, “Improved heuristic algorithm for selection of tear streams and precedence ordering in process flowsheeting computations”, pp. 13-41
3.Eirik Borgen, Henning Neerland and Jan O. Strandhagen, “Analysis of manufacturing based on object oriented discrete event simulation”, pp. 43-47
4.Kjell O. SolbergImprovements in metallurgical processes by simulation”, pp. 49-54
5.David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “A Schur Method for Designing LQ-optimal Systems with Prescribed Eigenvalues”, pp. 55-72