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All MIC articles published during 1980 - 1989:

1989, Vol. 10, No. 4:
1.Tahir I. MalikEffective use of full scale simulators for training”, pp. 185-202
2.G. Endrestøl, Terje Sira, Monica Østenstad, Tahir I. Malik, M. Meeg and J. Thrane, “Simultaneous computation within a sequential process simulation tool”, pp. 203-211
3.Rolv Rommetveit and Anette Blyberg, “Simulation of gas kicks during oil well drilling”, pp. 213-225
4.Bjørn H. HjertagerSimulation of gas explosions”, pp. 227-247

1989, Vol. 10, No. 3:
1.Simona Muratori, Sergio Rinaldi and Bruno Trinchera, “Performance evaluation of positive regulators for population control”, pp. 125-134
2.Kurt Strand, Håvard Nordhus, Peter Singstad and Magne Hillestad, “Role of computational efficiency in process simulation”, pp. 135-141
3.Harald K. Drager, Helge Soma and Roy Gulliksen, “SIMLAB. A training simulator for emergency preparedness decisions”, pp. 143-157
4.Morten Heintz, Vojislav Novakovic, Ommund Øgård and Georg Brustad, “HVAC-DYNAMIC: a training simulator for dynamic analysis of HVAC plants”, pp. 159-164
5.Torleif IversenControl elements in mechanism simulation”, pp. 165-172
6.Bjarne A. Foss, J.E. Haug, J. Alne and Sverre Aam, “User experience with on-line predictive river flow regulation”, pp. 173-184

1989, Vol. 10, No. 2:
1.Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “Predictive Control Based upon State Space Models”, pp. 65-76
2.Olav Egeland, Jan R. Sagli and Bård Jansen, “Optimal continuous-path control for manipulators with redundant degrees of freedom”, pp. 77-89
3.Simona Muratori and Sergio Rinaldi, “Limit cycles and Hopf bifurcations in a Kolmogorov type system”, pp. 91-99
4.Kesheng WangEfficient inverse position transformation for TR 4000S robot manipulator”, pp. 101-113
5.Olav Egeland and Erling Lunde, “Trajectory generation for manipulators using linear quadratic optimal tracking”, pp. 115-124

1989, Vol. 10, No. 1:
1.Jens G. Balchen, Kåre Telnes and David Di Ruscio, “Frequency Response Adaptive Control of a Refrigeration Cycle”, pp. 3-11
2.Rolf HenriksenConvergence analysis of some decentralized parameter estimators”, pp. 13-34
3.Jens G. Balchen, Dag Ljungquist and Stig Strand, “State Space Model Predictive Control of a Multi Stage Electro-metallurgical Process”, pp. 35-51
4.Johan H. Aas, Karsten Brathen, Erik Nordo and Ole Ø. Ørpen, “Man-machine interface in a submarine command and weapon control system: features and design experience”, pp. 53-63

1988, Vol. 9, No. 4:
1.Thor I. Fossen and Jens G. Balchen, “Modeling and Non-Linear Self-Tuning Robust Trajectory Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”, pp. 165-177
2.Ingar SolbergData and Program Structure for a Modular Extended Kalman Filter”, pp. 179-189
3.Bjarne A. FossApplying parameter identification and optimal input design in well-testing”, pp. 191-206
4.Erling Lunde and Jens G. Balchen, “Learning Control of Redundant DOF Robots by Optimization of Parameterized Control Space”, pp. 207-222

1988, Vol. 9, No. 3:
1.Felix F. Wu, Wen-Hsiung E. Liu, Lars Holten, Anders Gjelsvik and Sverre Aam, “Observability analysis and bad date processing of state estimation using Hachtel's augmented matrix method”, pp. 109-128
2.Dag MyrhaugA Note on the bottom shear stress in oscillatory planetary boundary layer flow”, pp. 129-136
3.Jens G. Balchen, Bernt Lie and Ingar Solberg, “Internal Decoupling in Nonlinear Process Control”, pp. 137-148
4.Øyvin SkarsteinCondition monitoring of power plants using extended Kalman filtering”, pp. 149-163

1988, Vol. 9, No. 2:
1.Olav EgelandAdaptive control of a manipulator when the mass of the load is unknown”, pp. 59-68
2.Per E. Koch and Kesheng Wang, “Introduction of b-splines to trajectory planning for robot manipulators”, pp. 69-80
3.Harald E. KrogstadMaximum likelihood estimation of ocean wave spectra from general arrays of wave gauges”, pp. 81-97
4.Fredrik Dessen and Jens G. Balchen, “A Positional Deviation Sensor for Training of Robots”, pp. 99-108

1988, Vol. 9, No. 1:
1.Ola Norderhaug, Jens G. Balchen and Tor Onshus, “On-Line Component Estimation and Analyser Calibration for a Complex Industrial Processing Plant using Kalman-Filtering”, pp. 3-15
2.Anton M. BøifotIdentification of Layers in Oil-Tanks Using a Reflectometer”, pp. 17-45
3.Jan G. WaalmannEstimating the Condition of the Heat Resistant Lining in an Electrical Reduction Furnace”, pp. 47-56

1987, Vol. 8, No. 4:
1.Olav Egeland and Jens G. Balchen, “Cartesian Control of a Spray-Painting Robot with Redundant Degrees of Freedom”, pp. 185-199
2.Steinar SælidA Truly Distributed Process Control System with Online Configuration and Expansion Capabilities”, pp. 201-222
3.Jens G. Balchen and Bernt Lie, “An Adaptive Controller Based upon Continuous Estimation of the Closed Loop Frequency Response”, pp. 223-240

1987, Vol. 8, No. 3:
1.Kesheng Wang and Terje K. Lien, “The Planning of Straight Line Trajectory in Robotics Using Interactive Graphics”, pp. 125-135
2.Olav EgelandCartesian Trajectory Tracking for Manipulators Using Optimal Control Theory”, pp. 137-147
3.Olav EgelandOn the Robustness of the Computed Torque Technique in Manipulator Control”, pp. 149-158
4.Erling Lunde, Olav Egeland and Jens G. Balchen, “Dynamic Control of Kinematically Redundant Robotic Manipulators”, pp. 159-174
5.Fredrik DessenCoordinating Control of a Special Joint Structure with More Servos than Degrees of Freedom”, pp. 175-184

1987, Vol. 8, No. 2:
1.Ilkka LeikkonenPressurised Water Reactor Control by the Hierarchical Method”, pp. 69-89
2.Øivind Berg, Sverre Hval and Uffe S. Jørgensen, “The core surveillance system SCORPIO and its validation against measured pressurised-water reactor plant data”, pp. 91-102
3.Reidar Innvær, Knut Fidje and Terje Sira, “3-Dimensional Calculations on Smelting Electrodes”, pp. 103-115
4.Sjur D. FlåmFinite State Approximations for Countable State Infinite Horizon Discounted Markov Decision Processes”, pp. 117-123

1987, Vol. 8, No. 1:
1.A. LøvikBiomass Estimation in Aquaculture Facilities”, pp. 1-10
2.B.A. HolandUnderwater Telemetry as a Tool in Aquaculture Research and Development”, pp. 11-17
3.R. Klepaker, Karsten Vestgård, J.O. Hallset and Jens G. Balchen, “The Application of a Free Swimming Remotely Operated Vehicle in Aquaculture”, pp. 19-25
4.Erik HansenComputer Aided Control and Monitoring of Aquaculture Plants”, pp. 27-38
5.V. Øiestad, T. Pedersen, A. Folkvord, Å. Bjordal and P.G. Kvenseth, “Automatic feeding and Harvesting of Juvenile Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua L.) in a Pond”, pp. 39-46
6.Leif JørgensenAn Automated System for Incubation of Pelagic Fish Eggs”, pp. 47-50
7.Dag Slagstad, Y. Olsen and S. Tilseth, “A Model Based System for Control of Live Feed Level for Larval Fish”, pp. 51-59
8.Steinar Grimsen, Robert N. Jaques, Vincent Erenst and Jens G. Balchen, “Aspects of Automation in a Lobster Farming Plant”, pp. 61-68

1986, Vol. 7, No. 4:
1.Jens G. BalchenBridging the gap between aquaculture and the information sciences”, pp. 163-171
2.Dale M. LicataModeling the Environmental Impact of Aquacultural Facilities - A Foundation for Future Management”, pp. 173-187
3.Arne TyssøComputer Aided Modeling of Aquaculture Plants”, pp. 189-198
4.J. LillestølOn the problem of optimal timing of slaughtering in fish farming”, pp. 199-207
5.Å. Bjordal, S. Floen, J.E. Fosseidengen, B. Totland, J.T. Øvredal, A. Fernø and I. Huse, “Use of Acoustics in Studies of Fish Reaction to Imposed Stimuli”, pp. 209-218
6.E. Ona and A.K. Beltestad, “Use of Acoustics in Studies of Fish Reaction to Imposed Stimuli”, pp. 219-226

1986, Vol. 7, No. 3:
1.Magne Hillestad and Terje Hertzberg, “Dynamic Simulation of Chemical Engineering Systems by the Sequential Modular Approach”, pp. 107-127
2.Arnstein J. BorstadMan-Machine Interface Design for Modeling and Simulation Software”, pp. 129-144
3.Ole A. SolheimRobustness Analysis of a Class of Decentralized Control Systems”, pp. 145-153
4.Kåre M. MjeldeStability of Pareto-Optimal Allocations of Resources to Activities”, pp. 155-159

1986, Vol. 7, No. 2:
1.John D. Perkins, J.M. Howell and M.P.F. Wong, “Adaptive Control of Alumina Reduction Cells with Point Feeders”, pp. 57-70
2.John D. PerkinsSurvey of Existing Systems for the Dynamic Simulation of Industrial Processes”, pp. 71-81
3.Sjur D. Flåm and Sverre Storøy, “Diversifying the Risk Associated with Exploration”, pp. 83-92
4.Sjur D. FlåmVariable Quotas, Irreversible Investment and Optimal Capacity in the Fisheries”, pp. 93-105

1986, Vol. 7, No. 1:
1.Bjørn Ursin and Yuying Zheng, “Identification of Seismic Reflections Using Singular Value Decomposition”, pp. 1-23
2.Sigurd Skogestad, Truls Gundersen and Oddvar Johnsen, “Compositional Simulation of a Refinery Coker Furnace - An Industrial Example of Two-Phase Flow with Chemical Reaction”, pp. 25-44
3.Oddvar HallingstadEstimation of Synchronous Machine Parameters”, pp. 1-15

1985, Vol. 6, No. 4:
1.Magnus Rimvall and Francois Cellier, “Evolution and Perspectives of Simulation Languages Following the CSSL Standard”, pp. 181-199
2.J.W. WomackDynamic Simulation in the Processing Industries: Case Studies from Mobil Experience”, pp. 201-216
3.S.M. DivakaruniPerspectives in Software Design for Dynamic Process Simulation”, pp. 217-229
4.S.M. DivakaruniThe Application of Simulation in Large Energy System Analysis”, pp. 231-247
5.W.O. GriersonPerspectives in Simulation Hardware and Software Architecture”, pp. 249-255
6.Steinar SælidInteractive Modeling and Simulation Using Distributed Computers and Graphical Aids”, pp. 257-273

1985, Vol. 6, No. 3:
1.Odd A. AsbjørnsenModeling Techniques: Theory and Practice”, pp. 105-125
2.Arne TyssøSimulation as a Tool in Operational Safety, Reliability and Control”, pp. 127-140
3.Syvert P. NørsettThe Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Systems”, pp. 141-152
4.Coleman B. Brosilow, Yin-Chang Liu, Jeffrey Cook and John Klatt, “Modular Integration Methods for Simulation of Large-Scale Dynamic Systems”, pp. 153-179

1985, Vol. 6, No. 2:
1.Bjørn Ursin and O. Holberg, “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Seismic Impulse Response”, pp. 57-73
2.Steinar SælidDocking Control of the Flexible Riser End in an Offshore Loading System”, pp. 75-90
3.Olav EgelandTask Space Tracking for Manipulators”, pp. 91-101

1985, Vol. 6, No. 1:
1.Rolf HenriksenEstimation of Large-Scale Implicit Models Using 2-Stage Methods”, pp. 3-19
2.H. BrekkeFrequency Response Analysis of Hydroelectric Power Plants with Influence From a Non-Linearized Frictional Damping and the Turbine Characteristics”, pp. 21-37
3.Steinar Sælid, Olav Egeland and Bjarne A. Foss, “A solution to the blow-up problem in adaptive controllers”, pp. 39-56

1984, Vol. 5, No. 4:
1.Olav EgelandA Gyrocompass for Maritime Applications Based Upon Multivariable Control Theory”, pp. 179-194
2.Jens G. BalchenA Quasi-Dynamic Optimal Control Strategy for Non-Linear Multivariable Processes Based upon Non-Quadratic Objective Functions”, pp. 195-209
3.Bjørn H. HjertagerComputer Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Gas Dynamics”, pp. 211-236

1984, Vol. 5, No. 3:
1.Dag SlagstadA Model of Phytoplankton Production in the Marginal Sea Ice Zone of the Barents Sea”, pp. 129-140
2.Eivind DamslethLong Range Transport of Air Pollution Into Norway - A Transfer Function Approach”, pp. 141-150
3.J.R. Hølpødt, T. Wetlesen and H. Håkonsen, “Robotics Research in Norway”, pp. 151-170
4.Ibb HöivoldNorwegian Research and Development in the Field of Ship Automation”, pp. 171-178

1984, Vol. 5, No. 2:
1.Donald M. Wiberg, Fred Baskin and R.D. Lindsay, “General Analysis of Directional Ocean Wave Data from Heave Pitch Roll Buoys”, pp. 71-101
2.Einar M. Rønquist and Terje Sira, “A Boundary Element Solution to the Problem of Interacting AC Fields in Parallel Conductors”, pp. 103-111
3.Jens G. BalchenRecent Progress in the Control of Fish Behavior”, pp. 113-121
4.Kåre M. Mjelde, P.C.S. Lee, W. Qvam, H.P. Jacobsen, P. Rooney and F. Tegn, “Optimal Control of an Offshore Lifting Operation”, pp. 123-128

1984, Vol. 5, No. 1:
1.Rolf Henriksen and Thor O. Olsen, “Design and Implementation of an Online Estimation for a Rougher Flotation Process”, pp. 1-18
2.Hannu T. ToivonenMultivariable adaptive control”, pp. 19-45
3.Stephen F. Barstow and Harald E. Krogstad, “General Analysis of Directional Ocean Wave Data from Heave Pitch Roll Buoys”, pp. 47-70

1983, Vol. 4, No. 4:
1.Bjarne A. FossComposition control of a binary distillation column using multivariable optimal control”, pp. 195-216
2.Sjur D. FlåmOptimality in Infinite Horizon Discrete Time Models of Resource Management”, pp. 217-222
3.Ole A. SolheimRobustness Analysis of a Class of Optimal Control Systems”, pp. 223-235
4.Odd A. AsbjørnsenProject Evaluation and Cash Flow Forecasting by Stochastic Simulation”, pp. 237-254

1983, Vol. 4, No. 3:
1.Tor OnshusSimulation of a Sponge Iron Production Process”, pp. 125-137
2.Truls Gundersen and Terje Hertzberg, “Partitioning and Tearing of Networks Applied to Process Flowsheeting”, pp. 139-165
3.Kåre M. MjeldeProperties of Pareto Optimal Allocations of Resources to Activities”, pp. 167-173
4.Tore FlobakkParameter Estimation of Ship Manoeuvring Equations”, pp. 175-194

1983, Vol. 4, No. 2:
1.Gunne J. HegglidAn Adaptive Multivariable Control System for Hydroelectric Generating Units”, pp. 63-81
2.Hannu T. ToivonenMultivariable controller for discrete stochastic amplitude-constrained systems”, pp. 83-93
3.Sjur D. FlåmHow to Drive a Delayed Response, Stochastic System Close to Equilibrium”, pp. 95-100
4.Kåre M. MjeldeA War of Area Attrition and Aimed Attack Properties of Optimal Strategies”, pp. 101-105
5.Ø. Andreassen and Thor O. Olsen, “Optimal Load Allocation”, pp. 107-116
6.Kåre M. MjeldeComponentwise Fractional Programming with Application to Resource Allocation”, pp. 117-123

1983, Vol. 4, No. 1:
1.Johnny Bardal and Ole Ø. Ørpen, “GPS Performance in Marine Applications”, pp. 1-23
2.Kåre M. Mjelde and S. Fjeld, “Resource Allocation by Convex Monotonous Programming Application to an Otec Energy Production Platform”, pp. 25-31
3.Steinar Sælid and Nils A. Jenssen, “Adaptive ship autopilot with wave filter”, pp. 33-45
4.Ole A. Solheim and Ulf Stenhaug, “Disturbance Error Reduction in Multivariable Optimal Control Systems”, pp. 47-62

1982, Vol. 3, No. 4:
1.Audun OtterenA Mathematical Model for Dynamic Analysis of a Flexible Marine Riser Connected to a Floating Vessel”, pp. 187-209
2.Rolf Skjong and Kåre M. Mjelde, “Optimal Evasive Maneuver for a Ship in an Environment of Fixed Installations and Other Ships”, pp. 211-222
3.Kåre M. MjeldeCompounding the Losses of Convoyed Ships Attacked by Tactical Submarines”, pp. 223-230
4.S. Ekrann and Terje Sira, “A Model for Solving the Maxwell Quasi Stationary Equations in a 3-Phase Electric Reduction Furnace”, pp. 231-242

1982, Vol. 3, No. 3:
1.Anders GjelsvikStochastic Seasonal Planning in Multireservoir Hydroelectric Power Systems by Differential Dynamic Programming”, pp. 131-149
2.Sverre Aam, Øyvin Skarstein and L. Gagnat, “Implementation of a Load Prediction Program System for the Norwegian Power Pool”, pp. 151-163
3.Rune MoenMultivariable Feedback Control of Nuclear Reactors”, pp. 165-186

1982, Vol. 3, No. 2:
1.Mark Reed and Jens G. Balchen, “A Multidimensional Continuum Model of Fish Population Dynamics and Behaviour: Application to the Barents Sea Capelin (Mallotus Villosus)”, pp. 65-109
2.Dag SlagstadA Model of Phytoplankton Growth - Effects of Vertical Mixing and Adaptation to Light”, pp. 111-130

1982, Vol. 3, No. 1:
1.Kåre M. MjeldeThe Defense of a Valuable Target - A Control Theoretical Analysis”, pp. 1-10
2.S. Suh and Thor O. Olsen, “Optimal Co-Generation in an Integrated Kraft Mill”, pp. 11-19
3.Jørgen OpdalReal-Time Simulation of Oil Drilling Operations”, pp. 21-39
4.Malvin VillabøA Liquid Cargo Handling Training Simulator”, pp. 41-51
5.Jan-Evert Nilsson and Kjell Kalgraf, “The Cost Problem According to Standard Theory - A Critical Note”, pp. 53-63

1981, Vol. 2, No. 4:
1.Hans Berntsen, Zygmunt Kowalik, Steinar Sælid and Karstein Sørli, “Efficient numerical simulation of ocean hydrodynamics by a splitting procedure”, pp. 181-199
2.Zygmunt KowalikA Study of the M-2 Tide in the Ice-Covered Arctic Ocean”, pp. 201-223
3.Bjørn A.J. AngelsenA Theoretical-Study of the Scattering of Ultrasound from Blood”, pp. 225-237

1981, Vol. 2, No. 3:
1.Dag SlagstadModeling and Simulation of Physiology and Population-Dynamics of Copepods - Effects of Physical and Biological Parameters”, pp. 119-162
2.Knut L. SeipThe Impact of Phosphorus Load and Water Through-Flow on Phytoplankton Standing Crop in a Dimitic Lake”, pp. 163-179

1981, Vol. 2, No. 2:
1.Bjørn A.J. Angelsen and Kjell Kristoffersen, “On Ultrasonic MTI Measurement of Velocity Profiles in Blood-Flow”, pp. 57-70
2.Sven Ø. WillePressure and flow in arterial aneurysms simulated in mathematical models”, pp. 71-82
3.Wolfgang EbenhöhInstability of a Uniform Plankton Distribution”, pp. 83-93
4.Odd A. Asbjørnsen, P.H. Aas and J. Hancke, “Pressure Transients and Control in Liquid Propane Caverns”, pp. 95-106
5.Ole A. SolheimOn the Use of a Block Analog of the Gerschgorin Circle-Theorem in the Design of Decentralized Control of a Class of Large-Scale Systems”, pp. 107-118

1981, Vol. 2, No. 1:
1.Rolf Henriksen and Aage J. Thunem, “A Small Econometric-Model of Norway”, pp. 1-17
2.A. Ek, T. Kolberg and Terje Sira, “ENOR - An Energy-Model for Norway”, pp. 19-35
3.Magne Fjeld and Sverre Aam, “An Implementation of Estimation Techniques to a Hydrological Model for Prediction of Runoff to a Hydroelectric Power-Station”, pp. 37-56

1980, Vol. 1, No. 4:
1.Odd M. Faltinsen and Arne E. Løken, “Slow Drift-Oscillations of a Ship in Irregular Waves”, pp. 195-213
2.Arne TyssøCYPROS - Cybernetic Program Packages”, pp. 215-229
3.Ole A. SolheimOn the Use of Low-Order Riccati-Equations in the Design of a Class of Feedback Controllers and State Estimators”, pp. 231-245
4.Erik GranA Multivariable Control in Aluminum Reduction Cells”, pp. 247-258

1980, Vol. 1, No. 3:
1.Jens G. Balchen, Nils A. Jenssen, Eldar Mathisen and Steinar Sælid, “A Dynamic Positioning System Based on Kalman Filtering and Optimal Control”, pp. 135-163
2.Hans R. SørheimAnalysis of Motion in Single-Point Mooring Systems”, pp. 165-186
3.Rolf HenriksenA correction of a common error in truncated second order nonlinear filters”, pp. 187-193

1980, Vol. 1, No. 2:
1.Jens G. BalchenModeling and Identification of Marine Ecological Systems with Applications in Management of Fish Resources and Planning of Fisheries Operations”, pp. 67-68
2.Wolfgang EbenhöhA Model of the Dynamics of Plankton Patchiness”, pp. 69-91
3.Erik AarnæsOn the Problem of Identification in Compartment Analysis”, pp. 93-103
4.Sven Ø. WilleA Finite-Element Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations for Two-Dimensional and Axis-Symmetric Flow”, pp. 105-117
5.Kjell Haugset and Ilkka Leikkonen, “Nuclear-Reaction Control by Multistage Mathematical-Programming”, pp. 119-133

1980, Vol. 1, No. 1:
1.Oddvar HallingstadEstimation of Synchronous Machine Parameters”, pp. 1-15
2.T. Westerlund, Hannu T. Toivonen and K-E Nyman, “Stochastic Modelling and Self Tuning Control of a Continuous Cement Raw Material Mixing System”, pp. 17-37
3.Tørris DigernesReal-Time Failure-Detection and Identification Applied to Supervision of Oil Transport in Pipelines”, pp. 39-49
4.Tore SmestadVOR - Calibration by an Airborne Integrated Navigation System”, pp. 51-65