Kongsberg Maritime

 Total number of MIC articles   5
 Total number of DOI citations  132
 Average citations per article  26.40
 Years 1985 - 2004 

MIC: Kongsberg Maritime

2004-4-2: Bjørn Jalving, Kenneth Gade, Kristian Svartveit, Are Willumsen and Robert Sørhagen, “DVL Velocity Aiding in the HUGIN 1000 Integrated Inertial Navigation System”

2004-3-3: Bjørn Jalving, Kenneth Gade, Ove K. Hagen and Karsten Vestgård, “A Toolbox of Aiding Techniques for the HUGIN AUV Integrated Inertial Navigation System”

1985-4-6: Steinar Sælid, “Interactive Modeling and Simulation Using Distributed Computers and Graphical Aids”

1985-2-2: Steinar Sælid, “Docking Control of the Flexible Riser End in an Offshore Loading System”

1985-1-3: Steinar Sælid, Olav Egeland and Bjarne A. Foss, “A solution to the blow-up problem in adaptive controllers”