Narvik University College

 Total number of MIC articles   8
 Total number of DOI citations  62
 Average citations per article  7.75
 Years 2003 - 2013 

MIC: Narvik University College

2013-1-2: Rune Schlanbusch and Raymond Kristiansen, “Control of Spacecraft Formation with Disturbance Rejection and Exponential Gains”

2010-4-1: Rune Schlanbusch, Raymond Kristiansen and Per J. Nicklasson, “Spacecraft Magnetic Control Using Dichotomous Coordinate Descent Algorithm with Box Constraints”

2010-1-1: Johan Byström, Lars P. Lystad and Per-Ole Nyman, “Using Generalized Fibonacci Sequences for Solving the One-Dimensional LQR Problem and its Discrete-Time Riccati Equation”

2007-1-1: Raymond Kristiansen, Esten I. Grøtli, Per J. Nicklasson and Jan T. Gravdahl, “A model of relative translation and rotation in leader-follower spacecraft formations”

2006-2-4: Rune Finnset, Sudhakara K. Rao and Jøran Antonsen, “Real time hardware-in-loop simulation of ESMO satellite attitude control system”

2006-1-1: Lars P. Lystad, Per-Ole Nyman and Ralph Høybakk, “The Riccati Equation - An Economic Fundamental Equation which Describes Marginal Movement in Time”

2005-4-2: Raymond Kristiansen, Olav Egeland and Per J. Nicklasson, “A Comparative Study of Actuator Configurations for Satellite Attitude Control”

2003-4-1: Knut Rapp and Per-Ole Nyman, “Control of the Amplitude in a Surging Balling Drum Circuit, a New Approach to an Old Problem”