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The MIC journal has implemented the DOI system for every single article published in MIC since the foundation year in 1980. The DOI prefix for MIC is 10.4173 and an individual article has been assigned a DOI on the following format: 10.4173/ For example, the first article published in MIC by Oddvar Hallingstad has the following DOI: 10.4173/mic.1980.1.1 and the following permanent URL This permanent URL links back to the website. If the MIC website is moved in the future, the DOI information will be updated to point to the new address.

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DOI Forward Links to MIC for Year: 1981

 Total number of MIC articles in 1981  13
 Total number of DOI citations  108
 Average citations per article   8.31 

1981, Vol. 2, No. 4:
1.Hans Berntsen, Zygmunt Kowalik, Steinar Sælid and Karstein Sørli, “Efficient numerical simulation of ocean hydrodynamics by a splitting procedure”, pp. 181-199
DOI forward links to this article:
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2.Zygmunt KowalikA Study of the M-2 Tide in the Ice-Covered Arctic Ocean”, pp. 201-223
DOI forward links to this article:
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3.Bjørn A.J. AngelsenA Theoretical-Study of the Scattering of Ultrasound from Blood”, pp. 225-237
1981, Vol. 2, No. 3:
1.Dag SlagstadModeling and Simulation of Physiology and Population-Dynamics of Copepods - Effects of Physical and Biological Parameters”, pp. 119-162
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2.Knut L. SeipThe Impact of Phosphorus Load and Water Through-Flow on Phytoplankton Standing Crop in a Dimitic Lake”, pp. 163-179
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1981, Vol. 2, No. 2:
1.Bjørn A.J. Angelsen and Kjell Kristoffersen, “On Ultrasonic MTI Measurement of Velocity Profiles in Blood-Flow”, pp. 57-70
DOI forward links to this article:
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2.Sven Ø. WillePressure and flow in arterial aneurysms simulated in mathematical models”, pp. 71-82
DOI forward links to this article:
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3.Wolfgang EbenhöhInstability of a Uniform Plankton Distribution”, pp. 83-93
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5.Ole A. SolheimOn the Use of a Block Analog of the Gerschgorin Circle-Theorem in the Design of Decentralized Control of a Class of Large-Scale Systems”, pp. 107-118
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1981, Vol. 2, No. 1:
1.Rolf Henriksen and Aage J. Thunem, “A Small Econometric-Model of Norway”, pp. 1-17
2.A. Ek, T. Kolberg and Terje Sira, “ENOR - An Energy-Model for Norway”, pp. 19-35
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