“Stochastic Sequential Model Predictive Control for Operating Buffer Reservoir in Hjartdøla Hydropower System under Uncertainty”

Authors: Changhun Jeong, Beathe Furenes and Roshan Sharma,
Affiliation: University of South-Eastern Norway and Skagerak Kraft AS
Reference: 2024, Vol 45, No 2, pp. 41-50.

Keywords: Model predictive control, Stochastic MPC, Uncertainty, Flood management

Abstract: This study focuses on demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Stochastic Sequential Model Predictive Control (MPC) framework within the context of the Hjartdøla hydropower system. Multistage MPC, while effective in managing uncertainty, poses challenges due to its high computational demands and complex optimal control problems, particularly in applications requiring long-term forecasting, such as hydropower systems. Through a comparative simulation study with multistage MPC, this paper highlights the superior feasibility and computational speed of the Stochastic Sequential MPC framework. This work contributes to the broader understanding of MPC applications in hydropower systems.

PDF PDF (1118 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2024.2.1

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