“Dynamic positioning, system identification and control of marine vessels”

Authors: Nour Bargouth, Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio,
Affiliation: University of South-Eastern Norway
Reference: 2022, Vol 43, No 3, pp. 111-117.

Keywords: Dynamic positioning, Kalman filtering, optimal control, model free, linear quadratic, model predictive, control

Abstract: In this paper, various modern model based optimal control methods (as well as one model-free or data-driven) are applied to the dynamical positioning problem of vessels, i.e. we seek to control the surge, sway and yaw motion, using the thrusters and propellers, subject to environmental disturbances, i.e. wind and current. The low-frequency part of Balchen's nonlinear vessel model is selected for these tests.

PDF PDF (3378 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2022.3.3

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