“Optimal and adaptive control of underwater vehicles”

Authors: Svein I. Sagatun and Rolf Johansson,
Affiliation: ABB and Lund University
Reference: 1994, Vol 15, No 4, pp. 245-252.

Keywords: Optimal control, adaptive control, underwater vehicle dynamics

Abstract: This article contains a continuous-time optimal and adaptive control scheme for underwater vehicles moving in six degrees of freedom. The control scheme is an extension of the algorithm ofJohansson (1990) and a modification of the algorithm found in Sagatun (1992). The algorithm is optimal in the sense that it minimizes the state errors and the forces which contribute to the vehicle´s kinetic energy that is spent to correct these errors. The performance measure does also contain a term which penalizes the quadratic tracking errors proportional to the rate of energy which dissipates from the system due to damping.

PDF PDF (963 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1994.4.3

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