“Multidiscipline simulation of elastic manipulators”

Authors: T. Rølvåg, Hans P. Hildre, O.I. Sivertsen and Å.O. Waløen,
Affiliation: NTNU
Reference: 1992, Vol 13, No 4, pp. 221-240.

Keywords: Finite Element Method, kinematics, dynamics, control, multidiscipline robot simulation

Abstract: This paper contributes to multidiscipline simulation of elastic robot manipulators in FEDEM. All developments presented in this paper are based on the formulations in FEDEM, a simulation system developed by the authors which combines finite element, mechanism and control analysis. In order to establish this general simulation system as an efficient multidiscipline robot design tool a robot control system including a high level robot programming language, interpolation algorithms, path generation algorithms, forward and inverse kinematics, control systems, gear and transmission models are implemented. These new features provide a high level of integration between traditionally separate design disciplines from the very beginning of the design and optimization process. Several simulations have shown that high fidelity mathematical models can be derived and used as a basis for dynamic analysis and controller design in FEDEM.

PDF PDF (2209 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1992.4.3

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