“The Stability of mxm Multivariable Process Control Systems”

Authors: Jens G. Balchen,
Affiliation: NTNU, Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Reference: 1991, Vol 12, No 3, pp. 117-127.

Keywords: Stability, multivariable control systems

Abstract: A technique is described for the investigation of conditions of stability of a mxm multivariable process controlled by m independent controllers in terms of the parameters of the m uncoupled control systems and the transfer functions of the cross-coupling elements. The method is an extension of a similar result for 2 x 2 systems (Balchen 1990). The analytical results are given convenient graphical representations by means of standard frequency response techniques yielding a simple, but powerful tool for synthesis of multiple controllers for multivariable processes.

PDF PDF (985 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1991.3.2

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