“Man-Machine Interface Design for Modeling and Simulation Software”

Authors: Arnstein J. Borstad,
Affiliation: Statoil
Reference: 1986, Vol 7, No 3, pp. 129-144.

Keywords: Computer aided design, interactive software, man-machine interaction, software prototyping, modeling, simulation

Abstract: Computer aided design (CAD) systems, or more generally interactive software, are today being developed for various application areas like VLSI-design, mechanical structure design, avionics design, cartographic design, architectual design, office automation, publishing, etc. Such tools are becoming more and more important in order to be productive and to be able to design quality products. One important part of CAD-software development is the man-machine interface (MMI) design.

PDF PDF (1669 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1986.3.2

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