“General Analysis of Directional Ocean Wave Data from Heave Pitch Roll Buoys”

Authors: Stephen F. Barstow and Harald E. Krogstad,
Affiliation: SINTEF
Reference: 1984, Vol 5, No 1, pp. 47-70.

Keywords: Ocean waves, wave analysis, buoy measurements, directional wave data

Abstract: Directional ocean wave data is usually analysed using the so-called linear model of the sea surface, but experience has shown that the results may deviate substantially from the predictions of the theory, in particular in the high frequency range. A general theory is presented here which includes the linear model as a special case. Properties of commonly used parameters under the influence of currents and non-linearities are easily explained within the general theory. Some results from the NORWAVE heave/pitch/roll data buoy operated offshore Norway are also presented.

PDF PDF (5073 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1984.1.3

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