“On Ultrasonic MTI Measurement of Velocity Profiles in Blood-Flow”

Authors: Bjørn A.J. Angelsen and Kjell Kristoffersen,
Affiliation: SINTEF
Reference: 1981, Vol 2, No 2, pp. 57-70.

Keywords: Ultrasound, doppler effect, blood flow, velocity profiles

Abstract: A theoretical analysis of Doppler frequency estimators proposed to be used in ultrasonic MTI measurements of velocity profiles in blood flow, is given. The estimators give an output in form of a single analogue voltage and the relation of the output to the Doppler spectrum is discussed. Three new estimators are also proposed. All estimators work fairly well for narrow-band Doppler spectra, but errors are found when broad-band spectra are present.

PDF PDF (2307 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1981.2.1

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