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“Modular Integration Methods for Simulation of Large-Scale Dynamic Systems”

Authors: Coleman B. Brosilow, Yin-Chang Liu, Jeffrey Cook and John Klatt,
Affiliation: Case Western Reserve University, USA
Reference: 1985, Vol 6, No 3, pp. 153-179.

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Keywords: Modular, simulation, dynamic, parallel processing, coordination, integration

Abstract: Modular simulation of dynamic systems offers the possibility of computational speed through parallel processing of individual sub-systems and through the use of the best integration algorithms for each sub-system. Such simulation needs co-ordination algorithms to keep the various sub-systems in time synchronization and to compute the interconnection between the sub-systems. A mathematical description of the co-ordination problem leads to the development of several new algorithms. These new algorithms are shown to have desirable convergence and stability properties. In particular a new Newton type algorithm is A-stable in a sense similar to that defined for ordinary integration algorithms.

PDF PDF (3451 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1985.3.4

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