NTNU, Department of Marine Technology

 Total number of MIC articles   10
 Total number of DOI citations  99
 Average citations per article  9.90
 Years 2013 - 2021 

MIC: NTNU, Department of Marine Technology

2021-2-2: Savin Viswanathan, Christian Holden, Olav Egeland and Marilena Greco, “An Open-Source Python-Based Boundary-Element Method Code for the Three-Dimensional, Zero-Froude, Infinite-Depth, Water-Wave Diffraction-Radiation Problem”

2015-2-2: Daniel de A. Fernandes, Asgeir J. Sørensen and Decio C. Donha, “Path Generation for High-Performance Motion of ROVs Based on a Reference Model”

2014-4-9: Stian Ruud and Roger Skjetne, “Verification and Examination Management of Complex Systems”

2014-4-8: Biao Su, Roger Skjetne and Tor Einar Berg, “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Double-Acting Offshore Vessel Performance in Level Ice”

2014-4-7: Bo Zhao and Roger Skjetne, “A Unified Framework for Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Particle Filter”

2014-4-6: Qin Zhang and Roger Skjetne, “Image Techniques for Identifying Sea-Ice Parameters”

2014-4-4: Petter Norgren and Roger Skjetne, “Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles as Sensor Platforms for Ice-Monitoring”

2014-4-3: Øyvind Kåre Kjerstad and Roger Skjetne, “Modeling and Control for Dynamic Positioned Marine Vessels in Drifting Managed Sea Ice”

2014-4-1: Roger Skjetne, Lars Imsland and Sveinung Løset, “The Arctic DP Research Project: Effective Stationkeeping in Ice”

2013-4-3: Anastasios M. Lekkas, Andreas Reason Dahl, Morten Breivik and Thor I. Fossen, “Continuous-Curvature Path Generation Using Fermat's Spiral”