RWTH Aachen

 Total number of MIC articles       6 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  29
 Average citations per article  4.83
 Years 1998 - 2023 

MIC: RWTH Aachen

2023-1-1: Mohamed Yousri, Georg Jacobs and Stephan Neumann, “Effect of Electrification on the Quantitative Reliability of an Offshore Crane Winch in Terms of Drive-Induced Torque Ripples”

2020-3-1: Mohamed Yousri, Georg Jacobs and Stephan Neumann, “Impact of fiber versus steel ropes on the lifetime of crane winches”

2018-2-2: Lothar Wöll, Georg Jacobs and Achim Kramer, “Lifetime Calculation of Irregularly Oscillating Bearings in Offshore Winches”

2017-2-1: Lothar Wöll, Achim Feldermann and Georg Jacobs, “Sensitivity Analysis on the Reliability of an Offshore Winch Regarding Selected Gearbox Parameters”

2016-1-2: Stephan Neumann, Lothar Wöll, Achim Feldermann, Felix Strassburger and Georg Jacobs, “Modular System Modeling for Quantitative Reliability Evaluation of Technical Systems”

1998-3-3: Bjarne A. Foss, B. Lohmann and W. Marquardt, “A field study of the industrial modeling process”