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 Total number of MIC articles       28 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  214
 Average citations per article  7.64
 Years 2010 - 2023 

MIC: Aalborg University

2023-3-3: Wei Zhao, Mohit Bhola, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “A Novel Control Design for Realizing Passive Load-Holding Function on a Two-Motor-Two-Pump Motor-Controlled Hydraulic Cylinder”

2023-3-2: Thomas Farsakoglou, Henrik C. Pedersen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Improving Energy Efficiency and Response Time of an Offshore Winch Drive with Digital Displacement Motors”

2023-1-3: Ioannis Manganas, Lasse Schmidt, Torben Ole Andersen and Henrik C. Pedersen, “Backstepping based controller utilizing a sliding mode disturbance observer”

2021-4-2: Simon Christensen, Xuerong Li and Shaoping Bai, “Modeling and Analysis of Physical Human-Robot Interaction of an Upper Body Exoskeleton in Assistive Applications”

2020-3-6: Viktor Hristov Donkov, Torben Ole Andersen and Morten K. Ebbesen, “An analysis of Model Predictive Control with Integral Action applied to Digital Displacement Cylinders”

2020-3-4: Søren Ketelsen, Torben Ole Andersen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Lasse Schmidt, “A Self-Contained Cylinder Drive with Indirectly Controlled Hydraulic Lock”

2020-1-3: Remzija Cerimagic, Lisbeth Fajstrup, Torben Ole Andersen and Per Johansen, “An Isogeometric Analysis Approach to Kinematics of Spatial Rigid Multibody Systems with Imperfect Joints”

2019-4-1: Muhammad R. U. Islam and Shaoping Bai, “Payload estimation using forcemyography sensors for control of upper-body exoskeleton in load carrying assistance”

2019-2-4: Ioannis Manganas, Torben Ole Andersen, Per Johansen and Lasse Schmidt, “Challenges in application of hybrid switched control to digital hydraulic motors”

2019-2-1: Niels C. Bender, Torben Ole Andersen and Henrik C. Pedersen, “Feasibility of Deep Neural Network Surrogate Models in Fluid Dynamics”

2018-4-2: Niels Henrik Pedersen, Sören Christian Jensen, R.H. Hansen, Anders Hedegaard Hansen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Control of an Energy Efficient Hydraulic Cylinder Drive with Multiple Pressure Lines”

2018-3-3: Niels Henrik Pedersen, Per Johansen, Anders Hedegaard Hansen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Model Predictive Control of Low-Speed Partial Stroke Operated Digital Displacement Pump Unit”

2018-2-4: Niels Henrik Pedersen, Per Johansen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Challenges with Respect to Control of Digital Displacement Hydraulic Units”

2018-2-3: Søren Ketelsen, Lasse Schmidt, Viktor Hristov Donkov and Torben Ole Andersen, “Energy Saving Potential in Knuckle Boom Cranes using a Novel Pump Controlled Cylinder Drive”

2018-1-3: Christian Nørgård, Michael Møller Bech, Torben Ole Andersen and Jeppe Hals Christensen, “Flow Characteristics and Sizing of Annular Seat Valves for Digital Displacement Machines”

2017-4-2: Ruiqin Li, Shusen Wang, Dabao Fan, Yuting Du and Shaoping Bai, “Dynamic Modeling of a 2-RPU+2-UPS Hybrid Manipulator for Machining Application”

2017-2-2: Daniel Hagen, Witold Pawlus, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Feasibility Study of Electromechanical Cylinder Drivetrain for Offshore Mechatronic Systems”

2017-1-2: Lelai Zhou, Shaoping Bai and Yibin Li, “Energy Optimal Trajectories in Human Arm Motion Aiming for Assistive Robots”

2015-4-2: Torben Ole Andersen, Henrik C. Pedersen and Michael R. Hansen, “Discrete Learning Control with Application to Hydraulic Actuators”

2015-3-4: Lelai Zhou, Shaoping Bai, Michael Skipper Andersen and John Rasmussen, “Modeling and Design of a Spring-loaded, Cable-driven, Wearable Exoskeleton for the Upper Extremity”

2014-1-2: Guanglei Wu, “Stiffness Analysis and Optimization of a Co-axial Spherical Parallel Manipulator”

2012-3-3: Guanglei Wu, “Multiobjective Optimum Design of a 3-RRR Spherical Parallel Manipulator with Kinematic and Dynamic Dexterities”

2012-3-2: Rasmus M. Sørensen, Michael R. Hansen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Numerical and Experimental Study of Friction Loss in Hydrostatic Motor”

2012-1-1: Morten Haastrup, Michael R. Hansen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Modeling and Parameter Identification of Deflections in Planetary Stage of Wind Turbine Gearbox”

2011-3-1: Lelai Zhou, Shaoping Bai, Michael R. Hansen and John Rasmussen, “Modeling of Human Arm Energy Expenditure for Predicting Energy Optimal Trajectories”

2011-2-3: Rafael Wisniewski and Christoffer Sloth, “Abstraction of Dynamical Systems by Timed Automata”

2011-1-1: Søren E. Sørensen, Michael R. Hansen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Implicit Identification of Contact Parameters in a Continuous Chain Model”

2010-4-2: Mikkel M. Pedersen, Michael R. Hansen and Morten Ballebye, “Developing a Tool Point Control Scheme for a Hydraulic Crane Using Interactive Real-time Dynamic Simulation”