University of South-Eastern Norway

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 Total number of DOI citations  87
 Average citations per article  3.48
 Years 2016 - 2023 

MIC: University of South-Eastern Norway

2023-1-2: Kushila Jayamanne and Bernt Lie, “HMC Techniques for Reducing the Uncertainty of Gas-Lifted Oil Field Model”

2022-4-2: Rolf Ergon, “A BLUP derivation of the multivariate breeder's equation, with an elucidation of errors in BLUP variance estimates, and a prediction method for inbred populations”

2022-4-1: David Di Ruscio and Christer Dalen, “On subspace system identification methods”

2022-3-3: Nour Bargouth, Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “Dynamic positioning, system identification and control of marine vessels”

2022-3-1: Rolf Ergon, “Microevolutionary system identification and climate response predictions”

2022-2-1: Zhe Ban, Ali Ghaderi, Nima Janatian and Carlos F. Pfeiffer, “Parameter Estimation for a Gas Lifting Oil Well Model Using Bayes' Rule and the Metropolis–Hastings Algorithm”

2020-4-1: Peter Fritzson, Adrian Pop, Karim Abdelhak, Adeel Ashgar, Bernhard Bachmann, Willi Braun, Daniel Bouskela, Robert Braun, Lena Buffoni, Francesco Casella, Rodrigo Castro, Rüdiger Franke, Dag Fritzson, Mahder Gebremedhin, Andreas Heuermann, Bernt Lie, Alachew Mengist, Lars Mikelsons, Kannan Moudgalya, Lennart Ochel, Arunkumar Palanisamy, Vitalij Ruge, Wladimir Schamai, Martin Sjölund, Bernhard Thiele, John Tinnerholm and Per Östlund, “The OpenModelica Integrated Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Model-Based Development”

2020-2-7: Shadi Attar and Finn Haugen, “Model-based optimal recovery of methane production in an anaerobic digestion reactor”

2020-2-4: Asanthi Jinasena and Roshan Sharma, “Adaptive Moving Horizon Estimator for Return Flow Rate Estimation using Fluid Levels of a Venturi Channel”

2020-2-3: Ludmila Vesjolaja, Bjørn Glemmestad and Bernt Lie, “Dynamic model for simulating transient behaviour of rotary drum granulation loop”

2019-4-3: Ole Magnus Brastein, Bernt Lie, Carlos F. Pfeiffer and Nils-Olav Skeie, “Estimating uncertainty of model parameters obtained using numerical optimisation”

2019-4-2: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “Model-Free PI/PID Controller Tuning of Higher Order Nonlinear Dynamic Systems”

2019-3-2: Shadi Attar and Finn Haugen, “Dynamic model adaptation to an anaerobic digestion reactor of a water resource recovery facility”

2019-3-1: Liubomyr Vytvytskyi, Roshan Sharma and Bernt Lie, “Nonlinear observer for hydropower system”

2019-1-5: Rolf Ergon, “Quantitative genetics state-space modeling of phenotypic plasticity and evolution”

2018-4-4: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “A Novel Process-Reaction Curve Method for Tuning PID Controllers”

2018-4-3: Asanthi Jinasena, Ali Ghaderi and Roshan Sharma, “Modeling and Analysis of Fluid Flow through A Non-Prismatic Open Channel with Application to Drilling”

2018-1-4: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “A Semi-Heuristic Process-Reaction Curve PID Controller Tuning Method”

2017-4-3: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “PD/PID controller tuning based on model approximations: Model reduction of some unstable and higher order nonlinear models”

2017-3-3: Ivan Pirir, Asanthi Jinasena and Roshan Sharma, “Model based flow measurement using venturi flumes for return flow during drilling”

2017-2-4: David Di Ruscio and Christer Dalen, “Tuning PD and PID Controllers for Double Integrating Plus Time Delay Systems”

2017-1-4: Susantha Dissanayake, Roshan Sharma and Bernt Lie, “Third Order Reconstruction of the KP Scheme for Model of River Tinnelva”

2016-4-2: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “On closed loop transient response system identification”

2016-3-3: D.W.U. Perera, M. Anushka S. Perera, Carlos F. Pfeiffer and Nils-Olav Skeie, “Structural observability analysis and EKF based parameter estimation of building heating models”

2016-2-2: D.W.U. Perera and Nils-Olav Skeie, “Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Room Buildings”