Total number of MIC articles   17
 Total number of DOI citations  456
 Average citations per article  26.82
 Years 1992 - 2020 


2020-4-1: Peter Fritzson, Adrian Pop, Karim Abdelhak, Adeel Ashgar, Bernhard Bachmann, Willi Braun, Daniel Bouskela, Robert Braun, Lena Buffoni, Francesco Casella, Rodrigo Castro, Rüdiger Franke, Dag Fritzson, Mahder Gebremedhin, Andreas Heuermann, Bernt Lie, Alachew Mengist, Lars Mikelsons, Kannan Moudgalya, Lennart Ochel, Arunkumar Palanisamy, Vitalij Ruge, Wladimir Schamai, Martin Sjölund, Bernhard Thiele, John Tinnerholm and Per Östlund, “The OpenModelica Integrated Environment for Modeling, Simulation, and Model-Based Development”

2012-4-1: Knut B. Kaldestad, Geir Hovland and David A. Anisi, “3D Sensor-Based Obstacle Detection Comparing Octrees and Point clouds Using CUDA”

2009-3-7: Torgny Brogårdh, “Robot Control Overview: An Industrial Perspective”

2005-2-2: Morten Dalsmo, E. Halvorsen and Olav Slupphaug, “Active Feedback Control of Unstable Wells at the Brage Field”

2001-4-2: Lars Imsland, Olav Slupphaug and Bjarne A. Foss, “Piecewise affine observer-based robust controllers for constrained nonlinear systems”

2001-4-1: Jan F. Hansen, Trygve Lauvdal and Alf K. Ådnanes, “Modelling and Simulation of Variable Speed Thruster Drives with Full-Scale Verification”

2001-1-3: Olav Slupphaug, Lars Imsland and Bjarne A. Foss, “Uncertainty Modeling and Robust Output Feedback Control of Nonlinear Discrete Systems: A Mathematical Programming Approach”

2000-4-2: Truls Larsson and Sigurd Skogestad, “Plantwide control - A review and a new design procedure”

1999-4-3: Trygve Lauvdal and Richard M. Murray, “Stabilization of a Pitch Axis Flight Control Experiment with Input Rate Saturation”

1999-4-2: Geir Hovland and Brenan J. McCarragher, “Hidden Markov Models as a Process Monitor in Robotic Assembly”

1999-2-3: Thor I. Fossen and Jan P. Strand, “Tutorial on nonlinear backstepping: Applications to ship control”

1998-2-1: Jan P. Strand, Asgeir J. Sørensen and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of automatic thruster assisted mooring systems for ships”

1996-2-7: Thor I. Fossen, Svein I. Sagatun and Asgeir J. Sørensen, “Identification of Dynamically Positioned Ships”

1996-2-6: Asgeir J. Sørensen, Svein I. Sagatun and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of a dynamic positioning system using model-based control”

1994-4-3: Svein I. Sagatun and Rolf Johansson, “Optimal and adaptive control of underwater vehicles”

1994-2-1: Asgeir J. Sørensen and Olav Egeland, “Ride control of surface effect ships using distributed control”

1992-1-5: Lars Norum, Alf K. Ådnanes, Waldemar Sulkowski and Lars A. Aga, “The realization of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive with flux weakening”