University of Newcastle (Australia)

 Total number of MIC articles   6
 Total number of DOI citations  372
 Average citations per article  62.00
 Years 2007 - 2009 

MIC: University of Newcastle (Australia)

2009-2-2: Tristan Perez and Alejandro Donaire, “Constrained Control Design for Dynamic Positioning of Marine Vehicles with Control Allocation”

2009-1-1: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “A Matlab Toolbox for Parametric Identification of Radiation-Force Models of Ships and Offshore Structures”

2008-3-2: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “Joint Identification of Infinite-Frequency Added Mass and Fluid-Memory Models of Marine Structures”

2008-1-1: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “Time- vs. Frequency-domain Identification of Parametric Radiation Force Models for Marine Structures at Zero Speed”

2007-4-1: Christian Holden, Roberto Galeazzi, Claudio Rodríguez, Tristan Perez, Thor I. Fossen, Mogens Blanke, Marcelo de Almeida and Santos Neves, “Nonlinear Container Ship Model for the Study of Parametric Roll Resonance”

2007-1-3: Tristan Perez and Thor I. Fossen, “Kinematic Models for Manoeuvring and Seakeeping of Marine Vessels”