Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

 Total number of MIC articles   11
 Total number of DOI citations  19
 Average citations per article  1.73
 Years 1980 - 2014 

MIC: Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

2014-4-9: Stian Ruud and Roger Skjetne, “Verification and Examination Management of Complex Systems”

1986-3-4: Kåre M. Mjelde, “Stability of Pareto-Optimal Allocations of Resources to Activities”

1984-2-4: Kåre M. Mjelde, P.C.S. Lee, W. Qvam, H.P. Jacobsen, P. Rooney and F. Tegn, “Optimal Control of an Offshore Lifting Operation”

1983-3-3: Kåre M. Mjelde, “Properties of Pareto Optimal Allocations of Resources to Activities”

1983-2-6: Kåre M. Mjelde, “Componentwise Fractional Programming with Application to Resource Allocation”

1983-2-4: Kåre M. Mjelde, “A War of Area Attrition and Aimed Attack Properties of Optimal Strategies”

1983-1-2: Kåre M. Mjelde and S. Fjeld, “Resource Allocation by Convex Monotonous Programming Application to an Otec Energy Production Platform”

1982-4-3: Kåre M. Mjelde, “Compounding the Losses of Convoyed Ships Attacked by Tactical Submarines”

1982-4-2: Rolf Skjong and Kåre M. Mjelde, “Optimal Evasive Maneuver for a Ship in an Environment of Fixed Installations and Other Ships”

1982-1-1: Kåre M. Mjelde, “The Defense of a Valuable Target - A Control Theoretical Analysis”

1980-4-1: Odd M. Faltinsen and Arne E. Løken, “Slow Drift-Oscillations of a Ship in Irregular Waves”