University of Stavanger

 Total number of MIC articles   7
 Total number of DOI citations  20
 Average citations per article  2.86
 Years 2003 - 2020 

MIC: University of Stavanger

2020-1-1: Erik Andreas Løken, Jens Løkkevik and Dan Sui, “Automated drilling algorithms implementation on a laboratory drilling rig”

2019-1-1: Reggie Davidrajuh, Damian Krenczyk and Bozena Skolud, “Finding Clusters in Petri Nets. An approach based on GPenSIM”

2018-2-7: Dan Sui and Vebjørn Haraldstad Langåker, “Downhole Temperature Modeling for Non-Newtonian Fluids in ERD Wells”

2016-3-1: Dan Sui and Bernt Sigve Aadnøy, “Rate of Penetration Optimization using Moving Horizon Estimation”

2005-4-3: Trygve Eftestøl, Martin Risdal, Joar Eilevstjønn and Petter A. Steen, “Advanced life support therapy and on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients: Applying signal processing and pattern recognition methods”

2003-4-2: Tormod Drengstig, Steinar Kolås and Trond Støre, “The Impact of Varying Conductivity on the Control of Aluminium Electrolysis Cells”

2003-1-3: Bassam Hussein and Reggie Davidrajuh, “Modeling Logic Systems with Structured Array-based Logic”