Linköping University

 Total number of MIC articles   7
 Total number of DOI citations  23
 Average citations per article  3.29
 Years 1994 - 2018 

MIC: Linköping University

2018-3-4: Dag Fritzson, Robert Braun and Jan Hartford, “Composite modelling in 3-D mechanics utilizing Transmission Line Modelling (TLM) and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)”

2016-4-3: Åke Kinnander, Martin Sjölund and Adrian Pop, “Industrial Evaluation of Integrated Performance Analysis and Equation Model Debugging for Equation-Based Models”

2015-1-3: Bernhard Thiele, Alois Knoll and Peter Fritzson, “Towards Qualifiable Code Generation from a Clocked Synchronous Subset of Modelica”

2014-2-3: Adrian Pop, Martin Sjölund, Adeel Ashgar, Peter Fritzson and Francesco Casella, “Integrated Debugging of Modelica Models”

2014-2-2: Wladimir Schamai, Lena Buffoni and Peter Fritzson, “An Approach to Automated Model Composition Illustrated in the Context of Design Verification”

2014-1-1: Martin Sjölund, Peter Fritzson and Adrian Pop, “Bootstrapping a Compiler for an Equation-Based Object-Oriented Language”

1994-3-4: Lennart Ljung, “System Identification in a MIC perspective”