University of Bergen

 Total number of MIC articles   4
 Total number of DOI citations  19
 Average citations per article  4.75
 Years 1986 - 1994 

MIC: University of Bergen

1994-1-2: Ø. Isaksen and J.E. Nordtvedt, “A new recontruction algorithm for use with capacitance-based tomography”

1987-2-4: Sjur D. Flåm, “Finite State Approximations for Countable State Infinite Horizon Discounted Markov Decision Processes”

1987-1-5: V. Øiestad, T. Pedersen, A. Folkvord, Å. Bjordal and P.G. Kvenseth, “Automatic feeding and Harvesting of Juvenile Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua L.) in a Pond”

1986-2-3: Sjur D. Flåm and Sverre Storøy, “Diversifying the Risk Associated with Exploration”