Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

 Total number of MIC articles   22
 Total number of DOI citations  72
 Average citations per article  3.27
 Years 1980 - 1997 

MIC: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

1997-1-3: M. Nordsveen and A. Hærdig, “Simulations of severe slugging during depressurization of an oil/gas pipeline”

1996-3-2: Tor A Johnsen and Fridtjof F. Unander, “Norwegian Residential Energy Demand: Coordinated use of a System Engineering and a Macroeconomic Model”

1995-3-5: L.K. Alm and T.A. Nygaard, “Flow over complex terrain estimated by a general purpose Navier-Stokes solver”

1995-3-1: Monica Østenstad and Terje Sira, “Temperature and flow distribution in planar SOFC stacks”

1993-4-2: Hallvard G. Fjær and Asbjørn Mo, “ALSPEN: a mathematical model for thermal stresses in direct chill casting of aluminium billets”

1993-2-3: Jon Kvalem, Rolf-Einar Grini and Kjell Haugset, “ISACS, an integrated surveillance and control system”

1993-1-3: Asbjørn Mo and Erik J. Holm, “On the Use of Constitutive Internal Variable Equations for Thermal Stress Predictions in Aluminium Casting”

1993-1-2: Andreas Bye and Eyvind Ness, “Early fault detection and on-line diagnosis in real-time environments”

1990-4-2: Einar Sørheim, “A Combined Network Architecture Using Art2 and Back Propagation for Adaptive Estimation of Dynamic Processes”

1990-1-4: Kjell O. Solberg, “Improvements in metallurgical processes by simulation”

1989-4-2: G. Endrestøl, Terje Sira, Monica Østenstad, Tahir I. Malik, M. Meeg and J. Thrane, “Simultaneous computation within a sequential process simulation tool”

1988-1-3: Jan G. Waalmann, “Estimating the Condition of the Heat Resistant Lining in an Electrical Reduction Furnace”

1987-2-3: Reidar Innvær, Knut Fidje and Terje Sira, “3-Dimensional Calculations on Smelting Electrodes”

1987-2-2: Øivind Berg, Sverre Hval and Uffe S. Jørgensen, “The core surveillance system SCORPIO and its validation against measured pressurised-water reactor plant data”

1987-2-1: Ilkka Leikkonen, “Pressurised Water Reactor Control by the Hierarchical Method”

1984-2-2: Einar M. Rønquist and Terje Sira, “A Boundary Element Solution to the Problem of Interacting AC Fields in Parallel Conductors”

1982-4-4: S. Ekrann and Terje Sira, “A Model for Solving the Maxwell Quasi Stationary Equations in a 3-Phase Electric Reduction Furnace”

1982-3-3: Rune Moen, “Multivariable Feedback Control of Nuclear Reactors”

1981-1-2: A. Ek, T. Kolberg and Terje Sira, “ENOR - An Energy-Model for Norway”

1980-4-4: Erik Gran, “A Multivariable Control in Aluminum Reduction Cells”

1980-2-5: Kjell Haugset and Ilkka Leikkonen, “Nuclear-Reaction Control by Multistage Mathematical-Programming”

1980-1-3: Tørris Digernes, “Real-Time Failure-Detection and Identification Applied to Supervision of Oil Transport in Pipelines”