Author: Richard D. Braatz

 Total number of MIC articles   2
 Total number of DOI citations  5
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  4
 Average citations per article  2.50
 Average excluding self-citations  2.00
 Years 2004 - 2004 

MIC: Richard D. Braatz

2. Morten Hovd and Richard D. Braatz, “Handling State and Output Constraints in MPC Using Time-dependent Weights”, 2004-2-1
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[5] Matthias von Andrian and Richard D. Braatz (2019), doi:10.23919/ACC.2019.8814366
1. Morten Hovd, David L. Ma and Richard D. Braatz, “On the Computation of Disturbance Rejection Measures”, 2004-1-3