Author: Thor O. Olsen

 Total number of MIC articles   3
 Total number of DOI citations  2
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  2
 Average citations per article  0.67
 Average excluding self-citations  0.67
 Years 1982 - 1984 

MIC: Thor O. Olsen

3. Rolf Henriksen and Thor O. Olsen, “Design and Implementation of an Online Estimation for a Rougher Flotation Process”, 1984-1-1
[1] A. Desbiens, D. Hodouin, K. Najim and F. Flament (1994), doi:10.1016/0892-6875(94)90144-9
[2] D. Hodouin (1990), doi:10.1016/S1474-6670(17)51412-3
2. Ø. Andreassen and Thor O. Olsen, “Optimal Load Allocation”, 1983-2-5
1. S. Suh and Thor O. Olsen, “Optimal Co-Generation in an Integrated Kraft Mill”, 1982-1-2