Author: Kjell Haugset

 Total number of MIC articles   2
 Total number of DOI citations  3
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  3
 Average citations per article  1.50
 Average excluding self-citations  1.50
 Years 1980 - 1993 

MIC: Kjell Haugset

2. Jon Kvalem, Rolf-Einar Grini and Kjell Haugset, “ISACS, an integrated surveillance and control system”, 1993-2-3
1. Kjell Haugset and Ilkka Leikkonen, “Nuclear-Reaction Control by Multistage Mathematical-Programming”, 1980-2-5
[1] Rune Moen (1982), doi:10.4173/mic.1982.3.3
[2] O. Lupas and D. Beraha (1990), doi:10.13182/NSE90-A23697
[3] S. Thangasamy, R. N. Ray and M. C. Srisailam (1984), doi:10.1007/BF00934568