Author: Sverre Aam

 Total number of MIC articles   4
 Total number of DOI citations  2
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  2
 Average citations per article  0.50
 Average excluding self-citations  0.50
 Years 1981 - 1989 

MIC: Sverre Aam

4. Bjarne A. Foss, J.E. Haug, J. Alne and Sverre Aam, “User experience with on-line predictive river flow regulation”, 1989-3-6
3. Felix F. Wu, Wen-Hsiung E. Liu, Lars Holten, Anders Gjelsvik and Sverre Aam, “Observability analysis and bad date processing of state estimation using Hachtel's augmented matrix method”, 1988-3-1
2. Sverre Aam, Øyvin Skarstein and L. Gagnat, “Implementation of a Load Prediction Program System for the Norwegian Power Pool”, 1982-3-2
1. Magne Fjeld and Sverre Aam, “An Implementation of Estimation Techniques to a Hydrological Model for Prediction of Runoff to a Hydroelectric Power-Station”, 1981-1-3
[1] A. Y. Barraud, S. Gentil, C. Suleyman and P. Laporte (1983), doi:10.1007/978-3-662-02335-8_9
[2] Jan Magnusson, Geir Nævdal, Felix Matt, John F. Burkhart and Adam Winstral (2020), doi:10.2166/nh.2020.025