Author: Henrik C. Pedersen

 Total number of MIC articles       4 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  4
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  4
 Average citations per article  1.00
 Average excluding self-citations  1.00
 Years 2015 - 2023 

MIC: Henrik C. Pedersen

4. Thomas Farsakoglou, Henrik C. Pedersen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Improving Energy Efficiency and Response Time of an Offshore Winch Drive with Digital Displacement Motors”, 2023-3-2
3. Ioannis Manganas, Lasse Schmidt, Torben Ole Andersen and Henrik C. Pedersen, “Backstepping based controller utilizing a sliding mode disturbance observer”, 2023-1-3
2. Niels C. Bender, Torben Ole Andersen and Henrik C. Pedersen, “Feasibility of Deep Neural Network Surrogate Models in Fluid Dynamics”, 2019-2-1
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[3] Dongwon Ko, Jeongseop Lee and Sanghyun Kim (2024), doi:10.1080/00221686.2023.2294713
1. Torben Ole Andersen, Henrik C. Pedersen and Michael R. Hansen, “Discrete Learning Control with Application to Hydraulic Actuators”, 2015-4-2
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