Author: Lars Christian Gansel

 Total number of MIC articles       2 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  3
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  2
 Average citations per article  1.50
 Average excluding self-citations  1.00
 Years 2021 - 2021 

MIC: Lars Christian Gansel

2. Sihan Gao, Lars Christian Gansel, Guoyuan Li and Houxiang Zhang, “An Integrated Approach to Modelling Fish Cage Response in the Flow”, 2021-4-3
1. Alberto Maximiliano Crescitelli, Lars Christian Gansel and Houxiang Zhang, “NorFisk: fish image dataset from Norwegian fish farms for species recognition using deep neural networks”, 2021-1-1
[1] Jennifer L. Bell, Randy Mandel, Andrew S. Brainard, Jon Altschuld and Richard J. Wenning (2022), doi:10.1002/ieam.4622
[2] K Banno, H Kaland, AM Crescitelli, SA Tuene, GH Aas and LC Gansel (2022), doi:10.3354/aei00432
[3] Ricardo J. M. Veiga, Inigo E. Ochoa, Adela Belackova, Luis Bentes, Joao P. Silva, Jorge Semiao and Joao M. F. Rodrigues (2022), doi:10.3390/app12125910