Author: Rune Schlanbusch

 Total number of MIC articles   3
 Total number of DOI citations  10
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  10
 Average citations per article  3.33
 Average excluding self-citations  3.33
 Years 2010 - 2017 

MIC: Rune Schlanbusch

3. Ellen Nordgård-Hansen, Rune Schlanbusch and Thore Jarle Sørensen, “Modeling of a lay-flat plastic hose extrusion process”, 2017-3-1
2. Rune Schlanbusch and Raymond Kristiansen, “Control of Spacecraft Formation with Disturbance Rejection and Exponential Gains”, 2013-1-2
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1. Rune Schlanbusch, Raymond Kristiansen and Per J. Nicklasson, “Spacecraft Magnetic Control Using Dichotomous Coordinate Descent Algorithm with Box Constraints”, 2010-4-1
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