“Developing a Tool Point Control Scheme for a Hydraulic Crane Using Interactive Real-time Dynamic Simulation”

Authors: Mikkel M. Pedersen, Michael R. Hansen and Morten Ballebye,
Affiliation: Aalborg University, University of Agder and Højbjerg Maskinfabrik A/S
Reference: 2010, Vol 31, No 4, pp. 133-143.

Keywords: Interactive real-time dynamic simulation, hydraulic crane, tool point control

Abstract: This paper describes the implementation of an interactive real-time dynamic simulation model of a hydraulic crane. The user input to the model is given continuously via joystick and output is presented continuously in a 3D animation. Using this simulation model, a tool point control scheme is developed for the specific crane, considering the saturation phenomena of the system and practical implementation.

PDF PDF (596 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2010.4.2

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