“Past, Present and Future of Process Control at Xstrata Nikkelverk”

Authors: Tor A. Hauge, Rune Løkling and Stanley Haga,
Affiliation: Glencore Nikkelverk (Kristiansand) and University of Agder
Reference: 2009, Vol 30, No 3, pp. 157-165.

Keywords: Xstrata Nikkelverk, Process Control, DCS, PLC

Abstract: MIC celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2009 and Xstrata Nikkelverk celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. Both anniversaries are certainly worth celebrating and with this article Xstrata Nikkelverk salutes MIC at this special occasion.

PDF PDF (279 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2009.3.6

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