“Nonlinear Model-Based Control of Unstable Wells”

Authors: Glenn-Ole Kaasa, Vidar Alstad, Jing Zhou and Ole M. Aamo,
Affiliation: Norsk Hydro and NTNU, Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Reference: 2007, Vol 28, No 3, pp. 69-80.

Keywords: Nonlinear control, slugging, backstepping, stabilization

Abstract: This paper illustrates the potential of nonlinear model-based control applied for stabilization of unstable flow in oil wells. A simple empirical model is developed that describes the qualitative behavior of the downhole pressure during severe riser slugging. A nonlinear controller is designed by an integrator backstepping approach, and stabilization for open-loop unstable pressure setpoints is demonstrated. The proposed backstepping controller is shown in simulations to perform better than PI and PD controllers for low pressure setpoints, and is in addition easier to tune. Operation at a low pressure setpoint is desirable since it corresponds to a high production flow rate. The simulation results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of proposed control scheme.

PDF PDF (437 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2007.3.2

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