“A simulation game for nonlinear control theory education”

Authors: Rune Haugom, Ole K. Solbjørg, Kristin Y. Pettersen and Tor I. Eikaas,
Affiliation: NTNU, NTNU, Department of Engineering Cybernetics and CyberLab Org AS
Reference: 2007, Vol 28, No 2, pp. 45-51.

Keywords: Learning theories, simulation, linear/nonlinear control, computer game, graduate course

Abstract: In this paper a computer game implemented as an applet for use in a graduate course in nonlinear control theory is described, and the learning value of the game is substantiated using different learning theories and theories related to ICT. The case study of the applet is a mass-damper-spring system with a nonlinear spring characteristic, and a game with a highscore list has been made out of the system to stimulate student competition and motivation.

PDF PDF (321 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2007.2.3

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