“Active Feedback Control of Unstable Wells at the Brage Field”

Authors: Morten Dalsmo, E. Halvorsen and Olav Slupphaug,
Affiliation: ABB and Norsk Hydro
Reference: 2005, Vol 26, No 2, pp. 81-94.

Keywords: Unstable wells, active feedback control, oil production, gas lift, stabilization

Abstract: In this paper we will present new results on stabilization of horizontal wells with gas lift. The stabilization is achieved by a novel dynamic feedback control solution using the production choke at the wellhead. The primary input to the dynamic feedback controller is a measurement of the downhole pressure. The field results to be presented are from the Brage field operated by Norsk Hydro in the North sea. Production at Brage began in 1993 and the field went off plateau in 1998. As the production has decreased, the problems related to unstable production from some of the wells have escalated steadily. The results from the extensive field tests on the Brage wells arc very promising. The tests have confirmed the stabilization feature of the control solution. The pressure and flow variations have been dramatically reduced, and it is possible to produce the wells at a lower downhole pressure leading to increased production.

PDF PDF (2083 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.2005.2.2

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