“Model-predictive control and real-time optimization of a cat cracker unit”

Authors: Stig Strand and Lars Håkon Veland,
Affiliation: Statoil
Reference: 1997, Vol 18, No 2, pp. 155-175.

Keywords: Model predictive control, on-line optimization, catalytic cracking

Abstract: A project for control and optimization of the Residual Catalytic Cracking Process at the Mongstad refinery is near completion. Four model-predictive control applications have been successfully implemented, using the IDCOM control software from Setpoint Inc. The most attractive feature of the controller is the well-defined control prioritizing hierarchy, and the linear impulse-response models have proved to give satisfactory performance on this process. Excitation and identification of the dynamic models proved to be a difficult task, and careful design and monitoring of the tests was mandatory in order to produce good results. Multi-variable Pseudo Random Binary Test Sequences were used for the excitation. Technical performance and operator acceptance of the new control functions have been good, but it is realized that a continuing effort is needed to fine-tune and maintain such functions.

PDF PDF (3600 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1997.2.5

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