“Applications of computational fluid dynamics in optimisation and design of metallurgical processes”

Authors: Stein T. Johansen,
Affiliation: SINTEF
Reference: 1997, Vol 18, No 2, pp. 101-122.

Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics, process technology, turbulence, granular flows, metallurgy

Abstract: During the last two decades computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has become a powerful tool for analysing and designing metallurgical processes. In this paper we give examples on how these techniques can be applied to a large variety of processes and also how CFD can be used to predict heat and mass transfer from fundamental principles. The paper is restricted to the applications of CFD at SINTEF Materials Technology. The examples given in the paper will range from treatment of raw materials, environmental issues, furnace processes and combustion, magnetohydrodynamics, melt treatment to casting.

PDF PDF (4130 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1997.2.2

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