“ISACS, an integrated surveillance and control system”

Authors: Jon Kvalem, Rolf-Einar Grini and Kjell Haugset,
Affiliation: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Reference: 1993, Vol 14, No 2, pp. 85-91.

Keywords: System integration, control room systems, expert systems, process databases

Abstract: In this paper we report about application requirements and design principles used in the development of an integrated surveillance and control system, intended to be used by the operator of a nuclear power plant. The system, for its own nature, is an example of a class of applications normally referred to as critical applications, and involve the use of both expert system and database technologies in a real-time process control environment.

PDF PDF (1030 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1993.2.3

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