“Control elements in mechanism simulation”

Authors: Torleif Iversen,
Affiliation: SINTEF
Reference: 1989, Vol 10, No 3, pp. 165-172.

Keywords: Initial value problem, dynamic simulation, mechanism, control elements

Abstract: The work reported in this paper is a step towards a system for multidisciplinary simulation of structure, mechanism and control elements. The control part of the system is implemented as a subroutine called from the mechanism/FEM package. While Newmark´s/beta-method is used to integrate the second order mechanism/FEM part, the Lobatto IIIC algorithm is applied to the first order control elements. Preliminary experiments show that this is a workable solution. The package will be further developed to include more elements, improve the performance and add enhanced graphics. The control part can easily be used as a stand alone simulator for the integration of first order differential/algebraic equations.

PDF PDF (469 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1989.3.5

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