“Estimating the Condition of the Heat Resistant Lining in an Electrical Reduction Furnace”

Authors: Jan G. Waalmann,
Affiliation: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Reference: 1988, Vol 9, No 1, pp. 47-56.

Keywords: Modeling, estimation, condition monitoring, heat resistant materials, process equipment, ferrosilicon

Abstract: This paper presents a system for estimating the condition of the heat resistant lining in an electrical reduction furnace for ferrosilicon. The system uses temperature measured with thermocouples placed on the outside of the furnace-pot. These measurements are used together with a mathematical model of the temperature distribution in the lining in a recursive least squares algorithm to estimate the position of ´the transformation front´. The system is part of a monitoring system which is being developed in the AIP-project: ´Condition monitoring of strongly exposed process equipment in thc ferroalloy industry´. The estimator runs on-line, and results arc presented in colour-graphics on a display unit. The goal is to locate the transformation front with an accuracy of +- 5cm.

PDF PDF (1022 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1988.1.3

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