“The Application of a Free Swimming Remotely Operated Vehicle in Aquaculture”

Authors: R. Klepaker, Karsten Vestgård, J.O. Hallset and Jens G. Balchen,
Affiliation: SIMRAD and SINTEF
Reference: 1987, Vol 8, No 1, pp. 19-25.

Keywords: Freeswimming ROV, acoustic command telemetry link, acoustic navigation

Abstract: In 1985, SINTEF and SIMRAD Subsea A/S started to develop an autonomous free swimming vehicle. The project was to develop a prototype of a small vehicle, in order to obtain knowledge and experience in designing, controlling and operating such vehicles. This was ready for testing at the end of 1985. The vehicle is controlled by an acoustic data telemetry system. The vehicle has a built-in television camera and containers for other sensors. It is suitable for inspection purposes. This paper describes the vehicle and some of the principles used.

PDF PDF (720 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1987.1.3

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