“Use of Acoustics in Studies of Fish Reaction to Imposed Stimuli”

Authors: Å. Bjordal, S. Floen, J.E. Fosseidengen, B. Totland, J.T. Øvredal, A. Fernø and I. Huse,
Affiliation: Institute of Fishery Technology Research, Bergen, Institute of Fisheries Biology, Bergen and Austevoll Aquaculture Station
Reference: 1986, Vol 7, No 4, pp. 209-218.

Keywords: Aquaculture, monitoring system, data acquisition, behavioural sciences, stress control, signal processing, sensors

Abstract: This paper describes a system for monitoring the behaviour of salmon in culture in relation to environmental factors and different rearing conditions. The main objective of this work is to minimize the stress level of the fish by optimizing critical factors in order to avoid disease and increase growth and fish quality.

PDF PDF (1062 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1986.4.5

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